Bathing Beauty – Tips for Buying the Best Bathing Suit for Your Body


Love them or hate them, you will need to buy and wear a swimsuit. Fortunately for women everywhere, there are beach necessities. Whether you go on vacation, visit the public swimming pool or sunbathe, you'll find a decent amount of swimsuits that will complete your curves in all the right places while minimizing them in others. If you are looking for a bath that suits your figure, here are some good shopping tips to keep in mind.

  • Stay away from boy haircuts: Many women assume that because there is material added in boy shorts, it will work automatically to cover unwanted leg areas. Unfortunately, boys' shorts draw attention to your leg area and tend to make your area bigger.
  • Choose skirts or swim shorts for wider legs: Women's skirts and swim shorts are a great way to have the versatility of a swimsuit with the blanket of a normal clothing. While you can provide extra coverage by wearing a skirt or shorts on your swimsuit, skirts and shorts that are meant to be worn in the water provide you with constant coverage of the beachfront beach cover
  • Choosing Dark Colors: It's no secret that dark colors usually cause a slimming effect. There is no need to buy a completely black swimsuit, but choosing a dark color or a combination of dark colors will help to hide unwanted areas. Stay away from pastels and other light colors that will bring out perfectly the areas you do not want to see.
  • Buy the right size: It's often tempting to buy a swimsuit a little bigger than what you need. Since swimsuits are meant to hang on the skin, many women think that the larger size not only allows them more comfort, but that the extra piece will work to make them thinner. In reality, a larger swimsuit will flex and sag never look good. Swimsuits that are too big will seem to add mass to your figure.
  • Draw attention to your positives: With the right swimsuit, any woman can hide her less favorable exercises by maximizing her best. If you have a big chest, look for swimsuits that accentuate your breasts. If you have big legs, look for swimsuits that accentuate them. Bringing out the best part of your body people will tend to look there instead of saying your stomach or your thighs.
  • Break Your Body: Often, breaking your body can take some help causing a visual distraction. A great way to do this is to look for swimsuits that are often belts or ties around your belly or just below your breasts (much like a shirt waiting for the empire). Another great option is the always popular tankini which offers the advantage of a two piece with one piece blanket.


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