Bathroom Design Questionnaire


Bathrooms are one of the least considered parts of the design of a new home and yet, after cooking, we spend more time in the bathroom than anywhere else in the house . This becomes even more important when you consider that the bathroom must also be functional. Unlike the bedrooms and living rooms, the bathroom is a very busy room where often you are actively doing something and with time constraints to add to the chaos.

Complete this question below for each of the bathrooms expected in your home:

What type of house will be the bathroom?
House _____ Condo _____ Other _____

How many and who are the main users of this bathroom?
Adults _____ Children _____ Guest _____

Type of bathroom?
Master Suite _____ Hall _____ Guest_____ Powder _____

How many and what appliances in this bathroom?
Sink _____
Toilet _____
Bath _____
Shower (separate from bathtub) _____
Combined bath / shower _____
Bidet _____

Is this the only bathroom of your house? _____

Do you want one or two sinks? _____
Free? _____ In the counter? ______ Ship? _____

Do you want a room for a linen closet in the bathroom? _______________

How old is your house? _______________

What style is your house? _____________________

What do you like in your current bathroom? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What do you like about your current bathroom? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Bring this information now to your architect, designer or contractor and do not be afraid to include photos from magazines, commercials and friends' houses – all that's included. it takes to get them to understand what you want the finished product to look like. This is your dream home and bathroom – make sure it's done right the first time!


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