Bathroom Design Styles – Shabby Chic and Contemporary


If the design of a house has changed, the bathrooms must have undergone a radical change. Previously, he had just recognized a bathtub, a bowl and some faucets and now, it has turned into a complete room requiring attention equal to that of our living room or our kitchen. In the early days, luxurious bathrooms were within reach of a few people. However, as more and more people wanted to enjoy the luxury of their bathroom, more and more bathroom products were offered, offering a wide choice to the consumer.

The design of the bathroom has evolved from the very old Edwardian and Victorian styles until nowadays Modern bathrooms with all the renovated bathroom vanities. The advancement of technology and plumbing has been used very creatively to create futuristic bathrooms. The famous bathroom designs are traditional, country, shabby chic, contemporary and fantastic.

"Shabby Chic", a term that seems very paradoxical, is a relatively new designed bathroom style and this type of bathroom is very difficult to design. The bathrooms of this style are bold and different. You are free to do anything. If there is an opposite of the classic bathrooms, these are the shabby bathrooms.

Shabby chic is characterized mainly by neglect and style. It is especially used when someone inherits from a bathroom and does not want to go for a complete remodel of the bathroom. The decoration is made with neutral tones with occasional dark colors. Almost anything can be used for walls – shades of pale gold, yellow, floral or even a plaid pattern.

A cast iron bathtub would be perfect for the tub and a roller or hob bath can be chosen for a shabby chic style. The more the appearance is rusty and decrepit, the more it goes with that style. You could get antique accessories from garage sales. Just keep adding unique and diverse items in your bathroom without fear of finishing the look.

A modern bathroom is designed taking into account the requirements of modern times. Space is a real constraint when it comes to bathrooms today. By using several bathroom vanities, this constraint is adequate, as for example the cabinets that offer you space to stay organized in the bathroom.

Bathtubs and walk-in showers have replaced the bathtub because they occupy relatively less space and allow you to enjoy the pleasure of bathing and showering. And if you want to have a private paddock for swimming, you can opt for a shower stall. The bright colors are used in the design of the bathroom, which gives it a very lively appearance.

The most used materials in modern bathrooms are chrome and stainless steel. There are many contemporary models of faucets and faucets to choose from. To keep a uniform style, even towel rails, shower stalls and other accessories can be chosen in chrome.


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