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Just above my bathtub in my master bath, the paint flakes off the wall. The area flakes above the tiles in my bathtub and my shower. I tried to stick the peeling paint and only made the situation worse.

First things first. The paint flakes because there is a lot of moisture in the bathroom while you use it. Do you have windows that you can open or a ventilated bathroom fan. If you have a crack in the window, it partially opens while you shower.

Water droplets accumulate on walls and drip into cracks. Just above the tile grout is a good place for moisture to accumulate. Oh yeah moisture likes grout and drywall. If you have unpainted areas or an area that has cracked. Guess what you have now.

Your painting flakes because the bathroom gets hot and cold. Wet and dry. If you have the door and windows closed. You have just created a moisture trap. Most people prefer their privacy and close the door using the shower. Well, open the window and let in some cold air while you take a good shower. I do not think so. Most shower fools do not like this idea either.

OK again an idea to keep the windows closed so that you do not let cold air in. Then lock the door so you do not enter the barges. If you have a fan, turn it on. This will at least draw fresh air from under the door and send humid air out of the house.

But the fan is so noisy and I can not enjoy my beautiful shower producing hot steam that will make me sick because of the mildew particles floating in the air while I use my room bath.
Does this summarize you and do not do it every now and then. We want to enjoy our shower time, so we close everything and when we are in our bath sauna environment relax our house gets a moisture seal that could cause mold and mildew.

Open a window or door a bit when you shower. Circulate air in the bathroom and avoid damaging your pretty house.

Set up with a little inconvenience for you and your pocket book.


Source by Greg Vandenberge

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