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Looking for an energy efficient way to bring more light into your home? Consider the benefits of adding a domed skylight.

Dome-shaped skylights are unique because the round shape helps to attract light from several angles, unlike traditional flat skylights. Skylights are sold in a wide range of sizes and are ideal for large rooms where a burst of light can not only make a dramatic statement, but also serve as a light source function.

Energy Efficiency

Skylights are also energy efficient, as they bring in the heat of the sun without entering the heating system of the house. Dome-shaped models are ideal for areas subject to high temperature fluctuations because they are designed to minimize energy transfer.

Location Location

Skylights may be installed in any room, depending on the design of the roof. When you are debating where to put one, think about where you want to increase your natural light. A long hallway near the garage is a good candidate, although you need three skylights to illuminate each end and the middle.

If you want additional plays, consider a large skylight that covers part of a two-story fireplace or a family room. This design can capture the sun as well as the twinkling lights of the evening sky.

A major advantage of domed dormers over flat floors is the ability to use gravity to keep the skylight clean and free of leaks. As with any rounded or sloped surface, water will flow from a dome skylight.

Skylights Options

The skylight domes are made in several varieties, from transparent acrylic that opens the room to the domes with a prism effect that captures a natural light softer. There is also a white or bronze acrylic dome for those who want a more subtle effect. You know how they say, the sky is the limit!


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