Be Great – Home Design Tips for Tall People


Despite what people think, there are many disadvantages to being great, most of which occur in a domestic setting. The good news is that good house design can eliminate many of the problems that big people face. This is particularly easy to incorporate into a new build, but minor modifications to your existing home can make a home much more comfortable for tall people.

One hundred years ago, the average size of an American man was 2 inches lower. is now. Home builders build homes for ordinary people and provided you are not too far from this average, the regular home is perfectly functional for you. However, I am 6 feet and 5 inches tall and notice a lot of things in the ordinary house that do not suit my posture, size and size. Any larger body will notice more problems and to a greater degree. What I consider a minor inconvenience, a larger person might consider a factor that makes a house uninhabitable. Let's look at each room …

Kitchen – Worktops, sinks, faucets, etc. should be higher by an inch or two to avoid stooping for food preparation. The exhaust fans must be taller, like all lighting fittings, to prevent the head from being clogged. Positioning handles on the drawers, cabinet and fridge / freezer a little higher also helps. Much of this is only possible at construction time, but with the help of a good architect can be designed in your home.

Bathroom – Probably the worst room in the house for a big guy. The showerhead should be large enough to allow you to stay upright and have a generous spray of water on your head. Not having to lean too far to the controls of the shower is a good-to-have. Some sellers store extra long baths, a must for the big person who likes to immerse his whole body, knees included in the water. The last problem in the bathroom is a mirror placed too low on the wall. There is nothing worse than leaning over your knees for a view of your face when shaving.

Bedroom – The major problem here is the bed and its length. Also sleigh bed designs, with the vertical board on the end is one to avoid. Another tip here is to increase the height of your closet a bit to prevent your shirts from touching the bottom of the closet.


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