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Beach house decoration should never be a chore, in fact, when deciding how to decorate a vacation home or a beach house, you have to keep one thing in mind: relaxation.

By its nature, the decoration of a beach house should not occupy much of your time. Instead, you should do what you bought the beach house in the first place, relax on the beach.

If your beach house is a refuge retreat for your, your beloved or your family, do not worry about a large amount of fancy furniture and furnishings. Instead, opt for a simple kitchen setup, one where you can all enjoy a good breakfast and a good meal without worrying about ruining China or spilling on the table or carpet.

Choose chairs and tables that capture the feeling of relaxation. Leather and expensive fabrics should be avoided. Think about it, beach means sand dirt, wet swimsuits, seashell collections, maybe the occasional bucket full of fish and, most of all, lots of relaxation. Get some comfortable couches for afternoon naps in the breeze of the ocean.

Wicker has proved incredibly popular in seaside communities, many choosing it for its longevity, its natural and summer feel and the ease with which it can be cleaned. The wicker furniture certainly captures the beachy feel, but without the proper cushioning, can be somewhat uncomfortable. Do not worry too much about matching. Walking in any beach house, and often the furniture is a collection of rags mixed and matched (or unmatched) bargain stores, old furniture scrapped from the main house, or furniture who have been around for centuries.

If entertainment is your thing, plastic tables and chairs are not only the perfect solution, but are almost a basic element expected from the beach house.

When guests arrive, they are usually there to enjoy the view, soak up the ocean air, and engage in a casual conversation around a cocktail or dinner party. A good cup of coffee. Although this should not be completely ignored, do not put emphasis on style and elegance, this is not the idea here. Instead, the idea is to enjoy the company of others. Since mixing is the key, make sure you have extra chairs that can be deployed and stored when more people come to join.

A buffet table is an excellent investment, especially folding tables that can be installed in a closet or attic and thought and set up inside or out when the need arises. In fact feel.

Make sure the furniture is light. One of the reasons why plastic sets are so popular is that they can be moved easily around the house, and can be transported to the outdoors. Another practical reason for plastics is their durability and their ability to withstand bad weather. The decoration of beach houses should also take into account that rain, high winds and humidity are at the height of the course. Salt air can also have a negative effect on furniture, which makes plastics so attractive. Not only can it be moved when wind and rain arrive, but it can withstand salt air and moisture.

In the end, remember that beach house decoration should be done with the ultimate goal of relaxation. Do not worry about the furniture, focus on the view.


Source by Kathy Burns-Millyard

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