Beautiful Bride – Eight Last Minute Beauty Tips


As a girl, like all other future brides, I have been intensely dreaming about my marriage. In my head I was a beautiful bride. I was elegant, gorgeous, smart and thin. Everything was just like that. The luster of my skin served to radiate my joy and delight in the elegance of the moment.

Really, every bride dreams of being gorgeous on her wedding day. She wants that healthy glow that comes as much from the beauty of her body as from her thrill at the grand gala of her wedding day. Plus, she wants those long skinny lines that will allow her to look at her wedding photos with real pride.

Focus on the Positive – A positive and optimistic person is always a more attractive person. So, if we want to be a beautiful bride, they must empty all negative thoughts in the sewers. So, if every detail is not exactly as they imagined it, the purpose of a wedding is to celebrate. Thus, the bride must forget the negative points of the day and celebrate. What happens inside always happens, so a wise bride will not allow herself to think of the good things on her wedding day.

Food Choices – What we put in our bodies has a direct impact on how our bodies look on our wedding day. In the last few weeks before the wedding celebration, if we focus on the consumption of lean protein and fresh fruits and vegetables as an integral part of our diet, we give our body the ability to tone up as much as the weather allows. .

Hydrate – We should all do this all the time since more than half of the human body's composition is water … during the last week before the wedding, make sure you drink sixty-four (64) ounces of water a day. It's just a little over three 20-ounce water bottles. Yes, it's a lot of water, but our bodies need this water for:
1. Give your skin a soft, healthy glow, and [2]. Rinse your body with excess salt and impurities. This ensures that the water that makes up our body is fresh and allows them to work in the most efficient, elegant and healthy way possible.

Salt – Salt is essential for the survival of the human body. But too many good things are not a good thing and most of us have too many. Specifically, as we approach our wedding and want to look as thin and healthy as possible, it is advisable to limit our total daily salt intake by absolutely avoiding salty foods and using only salt with parsimony. Why? Because the more salt we have in our system, the more we will retain water instead of letting the water flush our impurity system as it is designed to do so.

Makeup – Makeup is probably the best ally of the bride on her wedding day. This helps to have fresh air … and it can also help to give her the impression of having lost weight in time for her wedding, that she 39 she did it or not. How? By the use of highlighting techniques in the area of ​​the cheekbone. Put in the simplest terms this bridal beauty trick uses using a lighter shade on top of the cheekphones and a darker shade underneath to create the illusion of depressed cheeks. To remove this a bride should:
1. Play with her in advance,

2. Stop at a cosmetic counter for a free tip on how to remove it, or

3. Hire a specialist to do their makeup on their wedding day.

Earrings – This might surprise some to hear that their choice of earrings may affect their appearance. It's really just common sense, but it's not something we tend to think about. That is, a bride who tries to look slimmer on her wedding day should avoid the hanging earrings because they visually fill the space around the neck of the individual, which gives the the individual looks fuller than they are in reality! Instead of choosing ear curls that stay on the earlobe that will really draw attention to the difference in difference between the head and the neck. This is usually supplemented with larger / bolder earrings.

Hairstyle – Just like earrings, the hairstyles of your choice can accentuate the distinction between the head and neck of a woman or obliterate it. This is one of the reasons why so many brides choose to wear their hair on their wedding day. Going to wear hair can be pretty too, but it promises to create the illusion that the bride has little or no neck – even if someone who thinks about it can see it differently!

Shoes – We have all heard the joke of not having too much weight … just too short! If this problem is relevant in the case of a particular bride or not, it is true that by choosing to wear high heel wedding shoes a bride will end up with a longer and leaner look.

The right choices are their own reward. Fortunately, even good last-minute picks are rewarding. It only takes a few days, for example, to drink enough water to moisturize the skin of a wife and remove excess salt from a body to prevent retention of any kind. excessive water, thus presenting a wife slimmer and healthier than her. would be. Similarly, understanding how the choices we make in styles and props affect our overall appearance is a simple and cost-effective way to create a more beautiful and slimmer bride – all while following these last-minute beauty tips.


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