Beautiful Eyes – Making The Most Of Your Eyes With Well Applied Make-Up


The eyes are the windows of the soul, so enjoy. A good mascara is essential. Choose the one you like and continue easily. If your eyes tend to moisturize a bit, a waterproof mascara might be exactly what you need, however, try to make sure that you can easily remove it because it can take your lashes with it!

For lighter eyes, especially green or hazel, brown is a sweet option. If you have gray or blue eyes, a dark navy could make a nice change. For people with blond hair and very light eyelashes, having them dyed is also a good option.

Eye shadows are made in all colors of the rainbow, and many more. There are creams, powders and pencils, and once again, it's the personal preference that counts. However, it is important to be aware of certain things.

Pencils should be very soft to avoid pulling on the skin. They are very useful because they do not take up much space, but they can leave a hard line and sometimes dark color in the folds of the eye. This also applies to beaded or satin finishes, they will accent all lines. Use a cotton swab to blend the eye shadow once it is applied and avoid the colors that harm the natural hue of the eye.

The eyebrows should be tidy, but do not cover them too much, because after a while, they stop growing. If they need to set, use a brush with a matte eyeshadow or a very soft pencil. If you're not sure, a makeup session in a store will not cost you anything if you buy a few products, and the skin care salons will give you good advice and show you how to apply makeup.

Color Checklist:

* Blends shadows well to avoid hard lines.

* Brown or black eyes require beige, copper, taupe, ocher, brown, dark purple, sage green and charcoal.

* Blue or gray eyes need evening primrose, pale coral, apricot, taupe or plum. To add emphasis, try lilac, purple and lavender; while beige and medium brown give depth in the line of the socket.

* Green and nutty eyes are enhanced with hues of eggplant, oyster, primrose, ocher, beige, apricot, cream and light brown.

* If you use a kohl pencil, remember that it can bleed. causing an accumulation in the corner of the eye, so check your eyes from time to time.


Dorothy Parker is famous for saying, "Men rarely do passes to girls who wear glasses," he says. Although these days some people wear glasses with clear lenses simply as an attractive fashion accessory. But the bad shape of the glasses can ruin the most beautiful face. Whichever way you will like a particular style, make sure it suits you before you buy what can be an expensive item. The top of the glasses should be aligned with your eyebrows, and the bottom should not be lower than the top of your cheekbones. If in doubt, ask your optician for advice.

Eyes should be checked regularly because they are an early warning system for a number of diseases, glaucoma and high blood pressure among them. If you wear contact lenses, be sure to keep them clean or cause permanent eye damage.


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