Beauty and the Beast – Taking Back Control of Your Body Image


We live in an unbalanced culture when it comes to weight – some would even go as far as schizophrenic. More than 60% of us are overweight or obese and yet our "role models" are 23% leaner than the average female and our media are obsessed with the current weight crisis of the Hollywood star's young starlet . Even when we try to be healthy, we are given to extremes – no carb diets, weight loss pills full of caffeine or worse, working all the time …. c & # 39; is a fertile breeding ground for dysfunction around food, exercise and body. Most of us are completely disarmed, which only makes it more difficult to treat ourselves well. So how can we fight power?

Rethinking Perfection: When we stick to the standards of what we see in movies and magazines, we have no chance. These media images are just that: images created with pretty women and lots of lighting, makeup and aerography, used to sell beauty and diet products. There is a different way of understanding beauty, one that respects strength and individuality.

Every body is different. Let's start celebrating health instead of perfection. Try to eliminate or reduce the time spent reading magazines, watching TV, etc. while finding examples of women of all sizes who love their bodies, who are fit but not poorly nourished, who treat their bodies as tools of strength

Understanding the Resistance: The more we try to resist thinking about thing, the more we think about it. It's a proven fact. That's why so many diets that limit themselves to limiting calories, eliminating "bad foods" and generally resisting your life do not work. Yes, maybe we lose weight for a while, but eventually it comes back because we work from a place of negativity. By reading blogs and talking to people who have successfully weighted successfully, a common theme keeps coming up: Changing lifestyle. They did not see themselves as a diet, rather they saw a life that did not work and in which the weight was only one symptom of a larger problem. By understanding why we are eating, the emotional compulsions and the holes that make us fall into cycles of illness, we have a better chance of making the changes we need to come back to ourselves and be more aware of why we engage in the behaviors we do. So, instead of resisting food, try to find ways to make whole and healthy foods a part of your life in a sustainable way. Take a healthy cooking class, replace unhealthy or fatty foods, and find the physical form you like (whether it's running, a dance class or just walking), there's a movement you'll love , so explore your options!).

It's time to regain our body and self-esteem, to empower us to make healthy choices and to understand that a healthy body is not a form of cookie cutter. own superior form.


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