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Why are your hair so nightmarish? Well, it does not have to be this way if you apply carefully and consider the following beauty hair care tips.

First and foremost, everyone is different, each with their own type of skin, type of hair and their own levels of sebum (oil) produced by their scalp. So, make sure you understand your hair type before proceeding with any person's hair care tips.

Note: The environment in which you work and the weather in your country may also play a role in your hair condition. and the tips are divided into three categories, for dry, oily and fine hair types.

Dry Hair:

How to tell if you have dry hair: You probably have a dry scalp (itchy scalp) unlikely to have shiny / oily hair.

– Do your best to avoid drying or straightening your hair (remember that your scalp suffers from dryness)

– If you can not avoid drying your hair, be sure to apply a good level of heat protection

– Try not to use too much color in your hair, if you then need to apply a coloring product specifically designed for dry hair

– You'll probably need a rich conditioner that will nourish your scalp and leave for a short time before rinsing (4-7 minutes) – condition frequently

– Use moisturizing shampoos and work gently on the scalp (specially designed for dry hair)

Oily hair:

How to tell if you have oily hair: do not guess that your hair will look greasy fat.

– Similar to dry hair advice, find a shampoo that is developed for oily hair this will extract excess hair oil and make it full of bouncy and healthy

– Avoid getting your fingers in your hair or itching the scalp, as this will make your hair even more oily

– Do not over-condition your scalp product more than enough moisture.

– If you use conditioner, avoid hair roots

Fine hair:

How to tell if you have fine hair: Your hair may look lifeless / thinning / weak or excessive hair . These are usually indicators that the hair is not treated properly.

– Try to use volume-related products: Good volume / body shampoo will make a remarkable difference immediately

– Try to avoid the conditioner that will speed up the lightening and remove the body of hair that the shampoo has added

– As for oily hair, if you decide to use the conditioner, stay away from the roots

Take the time to buy products, understand your hair and try to make it easy. use the tips above for hair. Another important factor is your diet since the hair contains 90% protein, you may not feed it with the necessary vitamins (check my blog and discuss it too).

Do not get dragged into product marketing (sometimes they look amazing) maybe not just for your hair type or you. Also get your hair cut on a regular basis.


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