Beauty – How to Succeed – Part 4


Inner Beauty

This is a particular concept that is commonly used to describe the distinct characteristics of a subject or a specific object that can not be studied or studied. physically observed.

In the natural world, most animal species depend on physical strikes or, in some cases, a chemical signal, called pheromone, which triggers a natural response in another member of the same animal. species to attract a partner. On the other hand, in the case of humans, the attribute often attributed to "attraction" is the quality of inner beauty. And what is the nature of this imperceptible form of call? Since the dawn of creation, the qualities that aspire to satisfy this call include, among others, kindness, sensitivity, tenderness, compassion, creativity and intelligence.

In recent years, researchers have been studying the claims of correspondents who characterize primordial qualities in the search for human attraction. On the other hand, the studies also embroidered an analysis of their mating habits in order to compare the apparent and actual aspirations. The results of this research have, to some extent, highlighted an underlying skill in the concept of inner beauty. It seems that, like other animals, humans rely on physical blows and pheromones to chase their partner.

These findings may be applicable to the company today. However, even if the identified features associated with inner beauty are not currently considered dominant traits perceived in the breeding arena, some have certainly brought an evolutionary survival advantage, whether in a situation of group.

Effects on Society

Social comparison is a theory advanced in 1954 by the social psychologist Leon Festinger. The essence of this theory is that individuals evaluate their own opinions and desires by comparing themselves to others. Festinger suggests that the tendency to compare oneself to another person becomes less important as the difference between one's opinion or one's ability and that of the author becomes greater. His idea was that there should be no more comparison between himself and the others, which would lead to hostility and diminished value of opinions. He went on to say that individuals similar to an individual are more likely to produce accurate assessments of abilities and opinions.

According to Festinger's theory, the concept of beauty constitutes a criterion of comparison for humans. Such a parameter related to the fact that resentment and discontent can be defined should be such that the standard of comparison is not satisfied. In this regard, people who do not fit the aspirations of the "ideal beauty" can, in some cases, be subjected to the humiliation of being excluded from their peer groups.

Ugly Betty is an American sitcom TV series that targets Betty Suarez, a laid back but well-meaning girl, out of her job in the company's fashion magazine. The program tells the story of a girl who faces endless hardship because of her peer group's unwelcoming attitudes toward those who, in their view, are unattractive.

Beauty – How to Succeed


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