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Have you ever craved movie actresses with their impeccably applied makeup and wish you to look like? It may interest you to know that it is possible for you to have an impeccable makeup application once you become familiar with and mastered the techniques used by a makeup artist. Just like painting on canvas, practice will make perfect. Only this time, the human face is your canvas. That's why we call someone who makes up a "makeup artist" because they're really an artist. Using various makeup application techniques, the artist can give someone looks young, old, healed, scary or have a perfectly intact skin.

Properly applied make-up can contribute a lot to the projection of this character that you would like the world to see. For this reason, it will be very helpful if you learn to become a makeup artist even if you do not want to get started in applying makeup. Maybe you can start by taking the free makeup lessons offered by the biggest cosmetics companies at their product counters in department stores. They give points on how to use their latest products, of course, with a view to selling them to customers. These sales people are very adept at applying makeup and you can benefit from having all the shades of foundation, powder, mascara, lipstick or eyeshadow available for you to try without having to buy the One of them right away.

Being able to make up perfectly involves a full understanding of the overall picture you want to project. You will have a different makeup regime if you work in an office, if you are a senior manager in a company, if you are a teacher, a salesman or a stay-at-home mom.

Let's start with daily makeup. If you are unsure of the amount of makeup to put on, it is always prudent to be wrong to have too little makeup. If you're still experimenting with what's best for you, you can start by using a soft and dull color palette. Depending on your preference as a makeup artist, you can choose a foundation liquid, cream, cake or mousse in a shade that comes closest to the natural color of your skin. Choose a companion concealer for areas that have a spot or for the area under the eyes that is often a shade darker than the rest of your face. First put the concealer and then the foundation making sure the edges are well mixed. When choosing your foundation, you need to know what type of skin you have – oily or dry or a combination. It will also be helpful if you know your complexion so that you get the most out of your foundation. There are oil-free formulas for already oiled and cream-based skins for dry skin. Apply your foundation under the same kind of light as you will appear.

There are illuminated mirrors that you can buy for this purpose. Bring out the make-up artist by learning how to use shimmery sticks, bronzing powders or liquid foundations with a shimmery finish. Used in the right amount and on the right places on your cheekbones or on your jawline, these will add a healthy glow to your face. If you have oily skin, learn how to use blotting paper to skim oils that tend to appear on your face around noon or even earlier. Cheeks can always use a touch of heat. Dab a darker shade of your foundation on the apple of your cheeks, mixing them in a circular motion.

Learn the different techniques of using eye-liners to accentuate your eyes or to hide imperfections. Learn to use lips to define your lips and minimize "bleeding lines". Master the use of different types of mascara sticks to get that sensual kid look or googly look. You can master all of the above in a timely manner and become your own makeup artist .


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