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An ideal vacation destination for many is a place that is almost always warm and sunny, lush jungle, archaeological ruins and pearly sand touching deep blue waters, simply receding into sleeping tropical solitude. You sleep in cabins during the night, and relax on hammocks during the day. An iguana should also cross your path like a human being, and finally, there would be some of the most beautiful Mayan ruins in the world right next door. These things that Tulum can offer.

Tulum is the ancient Mayan city perched on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea. No doubt at one of the most breathtaking settings of any past city or present and fascinating history. Tulum is a day trip that no tourist from Cancun should miss. Tulum is located about 50 minutes south of Playa del Carmen. The ruins are north of the city. It flourished during the 14th century and was still inhabited when the Spaniards arrived at the beginning of the 16th century. Tulum was an important trading post for the classic Mayas. There is a beach where merchants can come ashore with their canoes.

Tulum is one of the most visited Mayan ruins, and it is also the only great Mayan ruin that lies along the Caribbean coast of Mexico on the Riviera Maya. There are about 60 well-preserved buildings on the Tulum site. One of Tulum's favorite buildings is the Fresco Temple. As its name indicates, there are frescoes with a typical Mayan theme inside. The most remarkable building of Tulum is the castle, El Castillo, perched on the highest cliff of Tulum. This pyramid surmounted by a temple also served as a watchtower and lighthouse. There is a beautiful little beach in the famous ruins of Tulum.

The beauty of Tulum's beaches is incredible. The turquoise water and the extremely white sand, the low structures and the low density contribute to offer you an incredible beach experience. The Tulum Hotel Zone leans towards the beach cabana style, offering everything from simple lodging options to newer and more expensive chic style palapas. It is ensured that after a beach vacation in Tulum, you will feel relaxed and revitalized.


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