Beauty Pageant Tips – 3 Little Known Beauty Pageant Tips to Win Beauty Pageants


There is a myth that a "look" wins beauty pageants. All you have to do is take a look at the photographs of the winners in recent years to see the error of this statement.

There is not a single "winning look" that is guaranteed.

One of the reasons that a "special look" does not always win a beauty contest is that not all competitions are the same. Each contest has its own "look" and its own image. The secret is to find the balance between being yourself and conveying the image of the title you hope to win.

Winning the contest means that you will represent that show for the next year and you must "watch the game". Understanding the contest's image will help you develop the most appropriate look for the competition. Different competitions have different looks. You should adapt your hairstyle, makeup and wardrobe to look your best and fit the overall picture of the contest you are entering.

The Pageant of Miss America Appeals to Classic Beauty, an Elegant Evening Dress Look, Typically Mid-Length or Tall, and a Healthy Silhouette . Participants are usually between 5 "and 5" and 11 "tall.

Miss USA competitors tend to be taller, between 5" 6 "and 6" 0 "tall; and the pageant claims more than a supermodel look, gorgeous face, glamorous party dress, long or tall hair, sexy, buxom and leggy figures.

Miss Universe ] is a multiethnic look, a classically beautiful face, often a majestic look, worn hair on the shoulders or raised, pretty but not necessarily voluptuous.The heights tend to be in the range Miss America.

In the main competitions As teenagers, it becomes increasingly difficult to match the "healthy" factor to today's "glam" look inspired by the media.

Miss Teen ] and Miss Teen from America are looking for the image of this thread the next, a pretty face, a healthy body and a pretty evening dress. The Miss TEEN pageant is a healthy image very similar but with a look a little more glamorous, a look "Teenage Miss America".

The image of Miss Teen USA is probably the most glamorous of teenage contests with a jovially pretty look, glamorous but simplistic evening dresses and a well toned silhouette.

Questions and Answers:

  • "I really want to win, it would be smart to look like the winner of last year, is not it?"

Not necessarily. While you want to reflect the overall picture of the contest you are entering, you do not want to be a "clone" of the winner of last year.

The secret is to balance the look of the pageant with your own unique beauty. Be original, not a copy of someone else. Try to fit the image of the title you are trying to win, but make sure to stay an individual and the best you can be.

  • "Are" Big Hair "and" White Dresses "a safe bet to win a contest?"

While it is true that the contest winners wore white dresses as any other color, almost as many past winners wore other colors than the colors of the rainbow. Specific colors that have done very well in the circle of winners include black, red, pink, royal blue, turquoise, lilac, metallic silver or gold, pastel blue or aqua, beige or skin tones, yellow, ivory or cream, peach , greens, and even prints and drawings.

Colors that do not work well include brown, gray, camel, rust, mustard, olive green, navy blue, dark purple, orange and stripes. It would probably be best to stay out of these colors when selecting an evening dress. But otherwise – everything is allowed! Choose a color that suits you.

"Big Hair" is also a feature that many winners share, but your cut and style should be both the most flattering style for your face and a suitable look for the contest you enter. Although there is a "winning look" for the hair – feminine, natural and fluid – it is definitely different for every girl.

  • Should a competition compete with dental facets?

Once again, the answer depends on the girl and the show. At the national level, a winning smile is absolutely one of the most important aspects of a contrasting appearance. At the local level and in younger age groups, this becomes less important.

High-tech cosmetic dental procedures put the perfect smile within the reach of anyone in conflict who can afford it – but be aware that cosmetic dental procedures are a major financial investment.

There are less involved and less costly alternatives, including: teeth whitening, natural tooth remodeling or bonding procedures.

  • Should I try to look more stylish for a pageant, or just go with my normal look?

For the interview and rehearsal part of the program, you want to go with your own, natural, look – but be the best you can present. Well-groomed hair and a carefully applied make-up, appropriate interview attire or rehearsal clothing will make a statement about you.

In the evening dress competition, you want to match the image of the pageant and keep in mind that even the healthiest, family-focused contests are waiting for some degree of sophistication. 39 "elegance" in the evening dress competition.


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