Beauty Salon- 12 Tips They Don’t Want You To Know


Professional Hair Care – Breaking One In

Beauty Salon – It is very important for us to find the right beauty salon so we can have the right look at the right time. However, there are some things that beauty salon owners do not want you to know.

According to the September 13, 2005 issue of the Los Angeles Times, shortly after Hurricane Katrina went through the states of the Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama beauty salons with power and water reopened. Women who had lost everything were flocking to these open beauty salons. They wanted to look good even though they did not have a place to live. They wanted and needed professional hair care.

This fact alone confirms your intuition as to the absolute necessity of finding the right beauty salon. This goes for a Santa Monica beauty salon, or a Long Beach, Mississippi beauty salon.

Let me give you some general tips and tips to use when looking for a new beauty salon. I will also include some helpful suggestions on how to deal with your hairdresser.

1. How far is the beauty salon from your home or workplace? Is it convenient for one or both?

2. Phone the living room. Ask them if their hairdressers have experience with your hair type. For example, are your hair long, curly, textured, or exposed to frequent changes in hair color, heat, and elements?

3. Search the Internet for reviews of beauty salons in your work or home zip codes.

4. This sounds obvious, but it's crucial: who do you know whose hair is fabulous? Ask them where (and to whom) they go.

5. When you arrive at the beauty salon, what does the atmosphere feel like? Is it peaceful or stressful? Which one do you prefer?

6. Are you welcomed right away or do you have to walk around or "turn your thumbs" until someone is assisting you?

7. If you made an appointment, is it kept?

8. Is the beauty salon clean and well organized? Does everything seem to be in its place?

9. How are the staff dressed? Are they dressed appropriately for your taste?

10. What does the hair of the staff look like? Is the staff's hair professionally made or is it sloppy?

Ok, you decided that the beauty salon environment is satisfactory, now how to deal with the hairdresser?

11. Collect and bring images that suit your hair type. The biggest beauty salon hair disasters happen when your hairdresser does not understand what you want. The images help to convey your message.

12. Do not make a cut immediately, take it more slowly. Book a blow-dry with your selected stylist. Ask, if you had to cut my hair, how would you do it? Once you have set aside the time for a real consultation, here are some key questions to ask yourself when you talk to your stylist:

WHAT DO YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH The Stylist Barber? You should love his sense of style. It means clothing, grooming, personality, everything.

WHERE DOES THE STYLIST ASK YOU FOR QUESTIONS, GIVING IDEAS AND SUGGESTIONS RELATING TO YOUR PERSONALITY, RATHER THAN PLACING A STYLE ON THE WALL OR IN A BOOK? THE STYLIST OF HAIR CARE TREATING the health of your hair, not only offering to cut split ends? You should both talk about conditioners and rinses that improve shine and bounce, and special treatments that can prevent or repair environmental damage, such as pollution, sun, chlorine, chlorine, and other chemicals. humidity or dry air. YOU HAVE AGREED ON A LOOK, does the stylist have a glimpse of what you will need to dry, wash and maintain it? These are all things to think about before getting the cut.

If you can answer most questions to your satisfaction, then you have probably found a beauty salon and a hairdresser that will make you look fabulous. If you can not, then go to the next beauty salon on your list.

Take the above tips with you when you come to the next show in Santa Monica, CA. We think you will find that you have come to the right beauty salon.


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