Beauty Tips: Beautification While You Sleep


As Tyra Banks has always said, the best arsenal of your beauty kit is 8 hours of sleep, but we can move on to the next step with some adjustments on our beauty rituals. Here are some tips you may want to apply before going to bed!


Beauty experts can not stress this point too much! Even if your makeup is labeled as organic or mineral, you must clean your face before going to bed. If this is neglected, dirt and bacteria accumulate on your pillow and your face. Pretty quickly, you will have many black dots, white dots and even buttons!

Try EI Solutions Perfect Finish Cleansing Oil. It is made in the USA and perfectly removes makeup and impurities from your face and eyes. It has also improved botanical extracts with jojoba oil, squalin and vitamin E to soothe and nourish dry, damaged skin.

The reason this product is also perfect for your nightcap is that it leaves no residue. This means that it will be fully absorbed by your skin and will not stay with your pillowcases which can become a home for the bacteria that will cause rashes on your skin. However, it is worth noting to give at least 10 minutes of absorption time before going to bed, to make sure everything is in your face and not on your pillow. (Another tip would be to replace your pillowcases twice a week, if you are too much makeup or a week otherwise.)


The eyes are the windows of the body. ;soul. It indicates if you are alert, tired, sick, happy, etc. but you do not know that the look of your eyes can make you look younger or older depending on how you take care of them.

Of course, it is good to note that we are talking about the skin around the eye area. If your eye bags are black and smashed, they are getting older. If it is light, tight or close to the color of your skin, she shouts "YOUTH" to any viewer.

So why do our eyes begin to bend and form black areas anyway? Mainly because the circulation around the eye area is not enough, and the hydration department (do not drink enough water or application of moisturizers) is not well taken care of.

Of course, you can not blame yourself! You are a working woman and do not have a lot of time on her hands, is not it? Well, it's a good thing that there are diets that you can apply at night to sleep, beauty rituals work for you — and you have nothing to do!

One product in the mind would be EID Eye Refine Night Treatment. It is formulated to promote hydration of the skin and circulation around the eye area, making this part of the skin look younger and more radiant. The patented cyclodextrin encapsulated sustained-release delivery system exfoliates gently without irritation with retinol and 4 alpha-hydroxyls.

Apply after removing your makeup and before applying your night moisturizer.


We all have our reliable face moisturizer, but over time, our facial skin changes and the needs of it. There will be a point where in your moisturizer, which was so effective at the time, lost its victorious line against blackheads, whiteheads, goose paws, sagging skin, and so on. Unfortunately, you can also be a little uncomfortable to worsen. Your skin is so used to the current moisturizer, the use of a new one could irritate it.

Here is good news for you! You do not have to change the moisturizers, but you can improve them by buying hydrating enhancers. An example would be the EI Solutions Clinical Formula Recovery Complex.

This moisturizing activator blends perfectly with your go-to moisturizer with 3-5 drops per application all over your face. This product strengthens the resilience and elasticity of your skin by stimulating the production of "Elastin" and contains a scientifically formulated Energetic Water that revives the juvenile aura of your face.

It is good to note that you must apply your night moisturizer. minutes after your makeup remover has been applied. This must give way to good absorption of the first product. Then do your moisturizing night ritual with the said product. Wait 5-10 minutes for your face to absorb the moisturizer properly and then go to bed.

Now, by buying moisturizer enhancing liquids, make sure the fragrance does not conflict with the moisturizer on hand. Otherwise, you end up with a brand new smell that you may not like.


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