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By putting so much emphasis on appearance, it is no wonder that every woman gets their hands on any substance that has established itself as a beauty product. Although I have no qualms about looking good, I am concerned about the number of people practicing this exercise.

It's like I always say, to have an impeccable and professional make-up, you have to be equipped with the right tools; and what better investment to make than investing in good quality makeup brushes.

Choosing the right brush quality ensures that you will enjoy a flamboyant and bright appearance. However, in my experience, most people tend to be confused with the hundreds of paintbrushes on the market. So, how do you know which is the best for you?

It all depends on your taste. If you prefer to use a chemical-based makeup, then it's up to you to decide. However, with the increasing acceptance of a more natural lifestyle, many are now opting for mineral composition instead. With this change has also come the introduction of new brushes that are suitable for the application of mineral makeup.

By far, the best place to buy these brushes comes from companies that have the reputation of producing mineral makeup and cosmetics. These companies use quality materials in order to maintain their reputation while being able to test their brushes for long-term use and make the necessary changes if they find that their product lacks a look or feel. Another.

One of the most important things to look at is the hair in the brush. Sable, mink and squirrel brushes are usually the best, even if they are expensive. If for one reason or another they do not suit you, then there are other pocket options that go for pony hair, goat hair and even human hair.

When choosing powder brushes; Avoid buying big brushes for the powder as this can make it harder to get the powder in the areas you need. The same thing also applies to blush brushes.

Always choose a lip brush that has fine bristles and a straight edge. For those who prefer to dress with the lip line, then I recommend them to choose a small lip brush with a pointed tip.

Good eyeliner brushes have long tapered hairs and have very sharp points. Not only is this design effective at reaching the base of eyelashes, but it is also suitable for creating a very minority and natural line.

Test durability before making purchases. Brushes made of natural bristles tend to lose hair easily with use. To make sure the brush is strong enough, gently pull the bristles. If they are easily updated, give up this mark and choose another one.

I'll never say it enough – not all makeup brushes are equal. Quality, not quantity is the rule. Quality is always the difference between a bad makeup application and a good one.


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