Beauty Tips – Facts About Hair Colorants


Hair coloring is the best way to change your appearance and attitude. Hair coloring significantly enhances the appearance of a person and there are many products to choose from in the market.

  • Temporary Dyes – These can give a new look to your hair but not for a very long time. A thin layer of dye is applied to your hair, which is not very harmful. The effect of temporary dyes is more on light hair than on dark hair.
  • Semipermanent dyes – They are more durable than temporary dyes because they contain less oxidant. Colors may be lost after shampooing. Such hair coloring gives more shine and richness and illuminates your hair.
  • Permanent Dyes – These are the universal dyes that can give you the effect you need. They contain strong oxidants that have no negative effect on your hair. They are used to obtain strong and bold colors and even softer shades are available.
  • Enlightenment – You can also undertake lightening your hair shade that will make your hair 3-5 times lighter than what they are. But this can sometimes spoil the texture of the hair; after this procedure, you should wash your hair with special shampoos and balms that are bulky.

Tips for using hair dyes:

  • If you have freckles by choosing deep blonde or blond colors, you will not choose you. Only those with young, light skin should choose these colors.
  • If you have reddish skin, you should not opt ​​for red hair shades (like burgundy, mahogany, etc.).
  • If you have cold skin, you can opt for gray, blond, red or black colors.
  • If you have a peachy skin, you can experiment with blond honey, deep chocolate or rusty dark brown shades.
  • It is important to keep in mind the color of the skin, the color of the eyes, etc., while choosing a hair dye. People with blue eyes and fair complexions should choose light hair, dark-eyed people should choose darker hair, and so on.

The appropriate procedure prescribed on the label or the manufacturer must be followed. Remains of hair color should be washed after application. The correct procedure is to place the dye all over the head and not on the roots. Permanent hair coloring can take about 45 minutes, while semi-dyes take about 25 minutes. In case of lightening, you must complete the process only by washing it with special shampoos and balms. You should avoid sudden color changes and only get your hair colored by an expert hair dye. Usually, people with sensitive skin or skin problems are not advised to have their hair color. Only strong, healthy hair can resist the hair coloring process, so you need to be sure that your hair will be able to resist the process because hair coloring is for a better look and if you are going to end up with more than problems, you are better off. pigmented hair.


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