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We all have days where we feel (and look) a little below par. Even the most naturally beautiful women. Days where we wish we could just hide and not have to wince anyone with our spotted and tired face. Unless you are like me and work at home, this is not an option for the majority of people. Do not worry though. There are certain ways to deceive the appearance of a beautiful day even though we woke up this morning away from our best.

Add Color – The appearance of a skin that looks yellowish can be improved by adding a color hue. Try using a tinted moisturizer, BB cream, tan or self-tanner to add a hint of color to a pale complexion. Finish with a hint of blush. Do not go too heavy though! Try to make your skin look natural with your coloring. For example, I am a redhead and I have naturally pale skin and eyes. If I use tan, my skin looks dirty! Personalize your makeup to your natural color.

Concealer – Concealer is the ultimate weapon in your arsenal of beauty. Imperfections, bruises, dark circles under the eyes, redness, scars and spots can all be covered with a good quality concealer. The darkness under the eyes in particular can make a tired face appear. Concealer will help lift and brighten your face. I recommend Younique Touch Mineral Slimming Skin Concealer. Lip Color – The color of the lips can distract from tired eyes and brighten your look.

Moisturize – When your skin is dehydrated, your skin may look dull and look older. Make sure you hydrate your skin in the morning and make sure that you drink enough water to keep your skin and the rest of your body healthy and hydrated. A good quality moisturizer is one of the best beauty investments you will make

Sunburn – My Nemesis. After exposure to the sun, if you suffer from sunburn, take a shower or a cool bath and apply a cold compress to help cool the skin. Younique's refreshed rose water is a soothing natural toner that works well on sunburns. It is non-irritating, helps reduce redness and encourages your skin to heal itself. If your skin is still red, applying a light tinted moisturizer may help to conceal it.

Tired Eyes – You should not take the habit of depriving yourself of sleep. However, if you are sleep deprived and have tired eyes, there are some tips you can use. As I have already mentioned, the concealer is amazing to give a boost to tired eyes. Also try to curl your eyelashes to open your eyes and look a little more awake (even if you're not!) Eyeliners and dark eyeshadows can make you look even more tired than you are already there. If all else fails – put on your sunglasses!

Until next time, stay beautiful x


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