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Your life as a woman can be hectic and sometimes you may be too busy to even think about pampering yourself, but believe me, it's necessary; not only for beauty, but for your overall health, hygiene and self-esteem. You will feel more attractive and naturally feminine.

The Benefits

The benefits outweigh the time you have to devote to this little ritual every day and every night. The best products will get the best results. Remember that exposure to sunlight, sweat and other air pollutants during the day can damage your skin. At night, your skin will be able to absorb the application of excellent products for the skin without interference from outside influences. The pores of your skin need beauty creams and moisturizers essential to be rejuvenated and repaired.

In addition, products that will make your skin oily and sticky during the day can be applied to your skin at night. There are more benefits than disadvantages to improving and improving your skin before bedtime, provided you use hypoallergenic and natural products. It is recommended to use products approved by the FDA.

Here are some great tips to follow:

• Never, ever, never go to bed with makeup

• For a youthful, fresh look, use moisturizing skin before retiring for the night

• Use a scented lotion to soothe you mentally before bedtime

• Use a wide-toothed comb on your hair to increase blood circulation on your scalp

the wisdom of getting rid of your makeup

Makeup should not be slow to apply in the morning, but after spending a long day in the office and returned tired, it might seem difficult to get this lipstick, cream, powder, background complexion, eyeliner and eye shadow before crawling into the exhausted bed. Forget the excuses. It will be worth it!


• Leaving makeup at night can cause rashes, blemishes or acne.

• Dirt and bacteria in the environment clog pores and damage the skin

• Your skin will not be able to breathe properly with makeup. It creates a barrier between the air and your epidermis

• Your skin will age faster if it does not remove makeup with a facial cleanser, and then applies a moisturizer or anti-aging cream.

• You will have supple, young and soft skin if you practice your beauty at bedtime

Other tips

It is best to sleep on satin sheets and pillowcases. Why? This allows you to avoid extreme friction between sheets, hair and skin. It reduces the risk of hair breakage and skin folds that can lead to future wrinkles. Apply a lip balm at night too. This protects your lips, keeps them flexible and prevents them from peeling off.

Your skin, hair and face should not be taken for granted. You only have a few years to take care of it before the beginning of the aging process. Why do you think some people grow old gracefully? That's because they did a good job while they were younger. The time is now and it's never too late!


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