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As you get older, your skin changes, and so do your beauty products. The tinted moisturizer may have worked when you were a teenager, but it will not be able to stave off wrinkles when you are inside. 30. By the time you turn 40, you may need to call for reinforcements: eye cream, night cream, firming gel and weekly beauty treatment. See, that's why people buy beautiful homes when they grow up. They need big bathroom cabinets.

Why does this happen? Three words: hormones, moisture and skin cell generation. When estrogen levels flare up (during adolescence and pregnancy), so our breakouts; when they dive (after menopause), our skin becomes thin and prone to fine lines. Our skin also loses its ability to retain hydration and produce healthy skin cells that result in that natural radiant glow (thank God for the blush).

This is where beauty products and beauty treatments come in. They provide the nutrients needed for the production of skin cells. They add moisture, preventing drought and wrinkles. They remove dead skin cells and unpleasant impurities that can cause rashes. So, what beauty products and beauty treatments do you need now? Continue reading.

Adolescents. The clogged pores of today are the buttons of tomorrow. Wash your face twice a day and never, ever go to sleep with makeup. The soap dries the skin, so use a beauty product – such as a facial cleanser, a cleanser or astringent – that does not contain alcohol. Another beauty tip: use a moisturizer, even if your skin is so supple now that you do not think you need it. It avoids future problems and controls the irregular appearance. If you have combination skin, use an oil-free beauty product.

The twenties. Your skin is at its best now: you have gone through the hormonal fluctuations, but still without wrinkles. However, long hours at work can cause dark circles and dander, and sun damage starts to settle in (you can not see it). Be very careful about sun protection. Look for beauty products that serve two purposes, for example a moisturizer with SPF. You also need regular beauty treatments to exfoliate dead skin and remove impurities (hey, an excuse to go to the beauty salon with your girlfriends!). By the late twenties, you should also expand your beauty product line to include night cream and eye cream to reduce puffiness. If this sounds complicated, find a beauty brand that carries a full line of cleanser to the moisturizer.

Thirties. Your skin produces less oil, which makes it crack and flake off. You need beauty products that contain glycolic acid, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles and keeps the skin smooth. You may also need to update your moisturizer for a richer cream, or a beauty product specifically for older skin. Beauty treatments like deep cleansing masks and deep hydration are a must, they are cheaper than plastic surgery.

Quarantine. Your skin begins to lose its fight with gravity. One of your essential beauty products is a firming cream or any moisturizer containing alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). The skin does not heal as quickly as before, so you need your vitamin C. Lowering estrogen levels can also trigger a pale complexion; To bring back the glow, go to the beauty salon for a rejuvenating facial (oatmeal and avocado scrubs, wonders) or get treated at home.


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