Beauty Tips For Getting Bikini Ready


Most people are looking forward to summer time. It means longer days, warm sunshine, good weather, vacations and a swimsuit season. Many of us may fear the idea of ​​sneaking into a small piece of spandex and parading around friends and family at barbecues and beach parties. Do not be afraid, even the finest and most able of our friends follow the steps to get ready for this season.

1) Start working – move your body because it makes you feel good. Feeling good about yourself is reflected on the outside and you shine in any outfit or swimsuit. Ride a bike, walk, jog, swim – whatever you do, be active to have more energy for summer activities. Learn a simple toning routine that you can do over and over again to improve your overall physique.

2) Exfoliate – get rid of the dead layers of the winter skin so that you are smooth and shiny. There are some great products on the market that exfoliate and moisturize, but try the ingredients you already have at home, such as ground coffee, sugar or salt. Mix them with olive oil or your favorite oil and rub in the shower to reveal a smooth, sparkling skin.

3) Treat cellulite with an over-the-counter cellulite cream. Up to 90% of women have cellulite somewhere on their body, so do not be ashamed or refuse to walk on the beach or by the pool if you have dimples. Find a product that contains L-Carnitine or caffeine to reduce the appearance of cellulite and strut. You can always strut in a sarong or cover yourself if you feel better.

4) Drink a lot of water. Keep the toxins coming out of your system. This will help reduce bloat, smooth out cellulite even more and keep you hydrated under the hot sun. Eat a lot of fruits and stay away from some vegetables that could cause gas. Some of the vegetables causing weathering can be broccoli, cauliflower and beans.

5) Work on your posture. Nothing says insecurity and improper as hunched shoulders and a poochy middle. Find some simple exercises that work the shoulders and upper back so that you can walk with pride. Your mother was telling the truth when she said head up and shoulders back, you will be noticed no matter what form you are in.

6) Find a costume in which you feel comfortable. The suit should be comfortable and well – don Do not choose something that looks good only when you suck in your stomach and stand at a 45 degree angle. Avoid strong prints, stripes or bright colors if you are not yet completely comfortable in your skin. And follow the rules for the shape of your body, a piece, bikini, tankini, boy shorts and plank shorts are all options so enjoy.

7) Get a tan. Self-tanners are good as long as they do not give the orange glow. Darker skin looks smoother and healthier. Tanners can also help mask varicose veins and blemishes.

8) Relax, almost everyone has some body insecurity. You are not alone so just concentrate on having fun with your family and friends. Do not miss a great experience because of a little insecurity. Surprise yourself and commit yourself to enjoy the activity and the weather.

9) Practice your poses. If you know that there will be a camera around to find your best angles in a mirror. No one wants to be veined, but there is nothing wrong with being ready to give the best of yourself.

10) Go eat raw fruits and vegetables quickly a few weeks before going to the beach. This will help thin the belly and waist and make you feel energetic and light.

With these helpful tips, you'll be ready to enjoy the summer sun, even if you like it in a sarong.


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