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The most recommended haircut: A beauty tip to make your hair beautiful and easy to handle is to cut it in layers. However, not everyone looks good in the same type of diapers, so here are some tips for getting the best cut for your face type:

Oval Shape

Having a Face oval means that you can escape with just about every haircut. The most flattering layer types are long layers. Choose a cut that allows you to have long layers without thorny and short layers to balance the length of your face with the width.

Round Shape

A round face gives you the gift of looking eternally young. You can make your face look slimmer by adding more vertical volume on the top of your head and keeping the layers under the chin.

Heart Shape

A broad forehead with a pointed chin forms a heart-shaped face. To balance it, you can have long layers that are delicate and smooth. When styling them, keep them soft and swept.

Square Shape

For those with a square-shaped face, it is best to wear layers of medium length. Their texture must be vaporous to give the face soft curves. Avoid wearing fringes that are cut directly and also layers that fall on the chin. This should give you a good, flawless look.

Other hair beauty tips you need to know:

To keep your hair healthy, condition deep once every two weeks. Deep conditioning treatments make their way into the hair shaft and fortify the strands. It is best to use a hair dryer during deep conditioning because the heat triggers the opening of the cuticle and allows you to get the most out of deep conditioning ingredients.

Wash your hair once every two or three days, as excessive washing will dry the scalp and hair. If your hair becomes fat easily, you can spray water on the roots of your hair to lift it. If your hair dries easily, then you can condition the ends of your hair because the ends are the ones that suffer the most damage and receive the least amount of nutrients. If you want to get sexy beach locks, you can actually mix sea salt with water in a spray bottle and squirt a bit on your wet hair. Then you grind your hair and let it dry naturally. If your hair gets tangled after a bath, start combing at the ends with a wide-tooth comb first. It will be easier to disentangle after the ends are loose.


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