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Eyelash extensions can draw attention to your eyes and make them beautiful. There are basically two types of eyelash extensions available. The first and most preferable type is the individual extension of the eyelashes. In this type, thick and thin hairs are used to extend the eyelash. The other type of extension consists of 3 to 5 strands knotted together, known as flares. Although flares offer more density to eyelashes, they often look artificial and uncomfortable to wear.

Individual eyelash extensions provide a natural and authentic look. They are placed one at a time on each individual eyelash, which makes it a very long process. The eyelash extension is glued to your natural whip one by one, and each session can last about two hours. If properly maintained, the extension eyelash will remain on your natural whip until you lose your whip. The false eyelash weighs a little more than your natural whip and so it can add a little stress to it.

The thinnest variety of false eyelashes seems more authentic and is obviously lighter than the thicker ones. When you put about 40 eyelashes on each eye, you will get a thick and full line of natural eyelashes. You can mix and match thick, thin eyelashes to maintain a balance between thickness and weight.

Flares are not as good as individual eyelashes. They do not seem so natural and can often cause damage to your own eyelashes. Since rockets are made of a few strands tied together, they can look stiff, like a doll. It may take some time before you get used to wearing flares on your eyelashes. They also weigh more and are less comfortable to wear than individual eyelashes. Flares tend to tear your natural eyelashes over time. So, if you have a very sparse lash line, you could all lose it if the rockets tear them out completely.

You must keep a few things in mind when wearing eyelash extensions:

• You should never scrub your eyes for any reason

• You should not use an oil-based product as this could dissolve the glue that keeps your lashes in place

• You have to be careful when cleaning your eye makeup because the cotton swab can get stuck in the eyelashes of extension

• You should not sleep face down or wear a sleep mask

• You should not use mascara that you do not need

Make sure your eyelash extensions are attached by a qualified and well trained professional to get them best results. You may need to return for maintenance. You could also consider using products that enhance the growth of your natural eyelashes instead of using artificial additions.


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