Beauty Tips For Pregnancy


Here are some beauty tips especially for our pregnant readers.

Dry Skin

Your skin may become dry during the later stages of pregnancy and may affect various parts of your body. To help fight dryness, try to stick to cooler showers and baths than you had before pregnancy, using mild, gentle cleansers, soaps or shower gels. For excessive dryness, try using a natural skin scrub, such as a loofah or a soft face brush. Keep showers and baths short and always follow with a good moisturizer. Stay hydrated with plenty of filtered or bottled water, the glass bottles are the best as there are currently fears about the chemicals found in the plastic bottles infiltrating into the contents.

Facial Skin

Acne treatments, antibiotic treatments and skin creams that contain vitamin A derivatives should not be used during pregnancy. To clean your skin effectively, again consider a gentle face brush with a chemical-free facial cleanser. Ideally, you can make your own cleanser – oatmeal mixed with natural yogurt (1: 1) can be very effective for most skin types. You can also try the refreshing pulp of cucumber and pineapple or the crushed and moisturizing avocado flesh. Just apply and rinse as you would with your usual cleanser. Avoid using soaps on your face as they may contain emollients that can block pores. If your skin becomes oily during pregnancy, try using blotters to absorb excess oil.

Hair Care

A low maintenance hairstyle is a good idea during pregnancy, but that does not mean that your hair is cut short, you can still find ways to lift your hair in a nice & up to do # 39; There are many accessories that can help you maintain a style that is easy to manage but feminine! Use clips, slides and hair bands to get an immediately manageable look that's convenient for you. Consult a professional stylist for advice on cuts and the effective use of accessories. It is generally believed that coloring is a bad idea during pregnancy.


Invest in a few curlers of good quality lashes, good advice! Some women find that their eyelashes are not as full during pregnancy, but using curlers can really improve what you have, and help open those tired eyes! Keep your makeup simple and opt for products as natural as possible. A tinted moisturizer, concealer, mascara, blush and neutral gloss are all you need to look gorgeous.


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