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Let's face it. Being a teenager means being self-aware and pretty much all the time. And, if you are a teenage girl, especially one who skin, complexion or overall appearance is not "perfect picture" that can make the whole experience even worse. Fortunately, here are some beauty tips that can come to the rescue for your face and your skin type, so that you can meet the refreshed and ready world, as well as some makeup and safety tips for when you go out and take a break. to amuse. All that said, always remember that true self-improvement comes from within, and that while looking good on the outside, in terms of being presentable and attractive, they always find out who you are.

Some people may confuse the physical transformation that comes with makeup, with some kind of personal transformation, but again this is not the truth. When you feel beautiful inside, you will be more attractive to others on the outside. Makeup will not do it.

Beauty Tip # 1 is to look closely at home and make sure before you do that you have done a good job of removing make-up. This can be especially true in the summer, when excessive heat can cause problems faster, if you have left makeup on your face for a prolonged period. If your face is usually dry: Before taking a shower, apply a rich moisturizing mask or a thick layer of moisturizer. The warmth of the moisture helps the mask to plump fine lines and wrinkles temporarily. Apply a thick layer of Vaseline on the lips. At the end of the shower, use a warm, damp washcloth to gently massage the two treatments, then use a natural loofah to bring out a natural, healthy glow.

If your skin is naturally oily: Use toner before and after getting out of the shower, before, to clean any oil that has risen to the surface during sleep, and again when you go out to remove any oil that has come out of the heat of the water.

If you have combination skin, apply only toner masks to the "T" area of ​​your face, you could make your cheeks flush by applying toner.


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