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Be Yourself

A common misconception often committed by many future brides is to go to the sea with their makeup on their wedding day. Trying to look too different from oneself should be avoided, aiming for your natural look with just a touch of glamor and extra makeup that has been applied to last all night.

Color Matters

Getting just the right amount of color from your wedding day makeup can be difficult. Avoid gaudy colors or the dramatic approach except for the honeymoon if you must. Remember, the photos of this day will be posted and viewed by many for years to come, the last thing you want is to look back at your choice of makeup and wonder what you thought.

Plan ahead

The majority of brides will cry at least once during their wedding day. Sooner or later, even the most prepared and stoic brides will shed tears as the sentimentality of the day settles. Waterproof makeup is the most sensible approach, and the only way to avoid looking like a raccoon halfway through the ceremony. To prevent makeup from running, it's a good idea to keep the eye area and mascara at a minimum on the lower lashes.

Tricks of the Trade

A simple way to keep your foundations as long as possible is to first apply the concealer and base as usual, wait a few seconds, then sponge gently with a tissue. The fabric must absorb excess oil and leave behind the pigment. If you tend to remove too much foundation with this method, apply a little more than you normally would before transferring.

Free powder should be lightly applied with a large brush to establish the base. Applying powder on the skin with a puff, as opposed to a brush can actually cause too much powder to collect on the skin, which causes sweat more than usual and appears shiny on the photos .

For a perfect blush application, choose a brush about the size of apples from your cheeks. Take a little color, just enough to be visible on the tip of the brush, and press on the cheeks, melting towards the temples. After the application, mixing gently with a clean sponge will ensure that the blush does not seem to rest on the top of the skin, but rather as a natural enhancement of the skin color.

The proven trick of applying powder on the lips before the lipstick, then blotting the repetition is the best way to ensure the last cover. First coat the lips with powder, fill the entire lip area with a lip liner, then apply lip color. Dry the lips and add another layer of powder before the last layer of color.

To brighten eyes, try a soft, white color on the brow bone, the inner corners of the eyes, and just above and below the lash line. To make eyes look bigger, a slight taupe color or a sandy shade on the eyelid crease will do the trick. A soft cotton swab is useful for mixing eyeliner, and eyelash curlers should always be used before applying mascara.


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