Beauty Tips For Those Hot Summer Months


The summer is a good time of year. It's great for relaxation and recreation. Here are some tips to help you stay as beautiful as you feel during these hot months.

Hair Care

If you spend a lot of time outdoors and want to try something a little different and inexpensive in your hair, try combing some lemon juice. in your hair before going out. (NOTE: If you have previously dyed hair, this is not recommended as this may cause an adverse reaction.)

Make sure to condition your hair at least once a week. The heat of the sun and swimming can dry out your hair. You can also use the spray in the conditioner that you leave in the day.

Skin Care Tips

If you are cautious about the sun and your skin – what we should all be! – There are so many good fake tanning products that do not have any harmful effects when they are used properly.

If you spend time outdoors in the sun, make sure you are well hydrated – at least 8 glasses of water a day and even more when you are out. Also make sure that you have used sunscreen on all the skin that is exposed, especially your face.

Makeup Stuff

During the summer months, makeup is less effective. You can use a light glitter powder instead of a heavy foundation. In addition, a nice look at a tanned and sunny face is a shiny lip gloss. It gives you an ultra-shiny glow on lipstick or even alone.

If you wear mascara, try a raincoat. Or you can opt to get your eyelashes tinted for the summer months, skipping the risk of black eyes when you go swimming! Do not forget the essential partner, eye makeup remover, otherwise you will end up with the dreaded black circles!


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