Beauty Tips For Women – How To Choose The Right Dye For Your Hair


Is not it true that when you want to change your look in a surprising and dramatic way, do you change your hair? Coloring your hair always gives you a new look. Here is my advice on how to choose the right color for your hair.

So you decide to color your hair. You are positive about change and well prepared to see your new look. You must first decide which colorant you will use. I will leave the color choice to you. I will simply mention that there are permanent dyes and less permanent dyes and that each type has its variations.

There is also a third type of hair dye. Plant dyes that are made from natural ingredients and that are highly recommended. Plant dyes are similar to henna and belong to non-permanent dye types.

Ok, you are ready to color your hair. Before continuing, you must know which color method to choose according to your hair style. Your new hair color should be beautiful with the color and type of your skin. For example, if your skin is light, you will not look good with very dark hair because you do not want your hair to get the color of your skin.

If you decide to be blonde, never try to color your hair alone the first time. It is best to take advice from an expert / stylist or let him do the work for you, especially if your hair has been permanently tinted.

If you decide that you should have sexy red hair, then you should know that the red color really attracts attention. It should be painless unless you are blonde, in which case you should go for at least two shades darker than your natural hair color in order to have a successful coloring result.

If you choose the good old brown colors and want to be a brunette, then you should know that it is your safest choice. The brown colors will adapt to almost all skin types / hair. You can make all kinds of looks using shades combinations.

Last but not least. Black color. It will give you a dark / gothic look. If you decide to color your hair in black, you should know the easiest color to apply to your hair. It usually covers all types of hair easily and effectively. Just make sure that the black colors are beautiful with the rest of your face and that you will add them to your skin because black hair is usually good on dark skinned people.


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