Beauty Tips For Women of All Ages


It does not matter if you are a teenager, a young adult, a baby boomer or a more mature woman, some beauty and fashion tips never change. You can continue to look and feel good with just a little time and effort.
Even if you're not used to wearing makeup, some products are so simple to use that it only takes a few moments to try and decide if you like them. Try these beauty tips for women of all ages for a charming, fast, fabulous and easy to achieve look.

1. Use lip gloss or ChapStick to keep your lips soft, moist and embraceable. Use a product with sunscreen (like Softlips or Blistex) to avoid having a sunburn on your lips (a really horrible experience if you've never had it).

2. If you only want a basic, natural look with minimal makeup, go for mascara, neutral eye shadow and lip gloss or lip tint. It's a great everyday look for women who only have a few moments to get ready for the day.

3. For your eyes to "burst", apply a dark-colored eyeliner, such as brown or black, on your upper and lower lashes. This look works well with mascara and eye shadow, and especially with a smoky look. Please note – dark eyeliner may make you look older, so keep that in mind depending on the appearance you are trying to reach.

4. Protect your skin with a tinted moisturizer containing SPF 15 or higher (like Murad). You can always blend in with the imperfections of your complexion while protecting you from UV rays. Do not forget to apply sunscreen on the rest of your exposed skin if you plan to be in the sun.

5. Wear a hat on exceptionally hot days or a fun fashion statement. If you have ever had a sunburn on your scalp, you will soon accept the benefit of wearing a hat to protect the top of your head and your face. Some hats even offer built-in UV protection (like Wallaroo).

Depending on your personal preferences, you can enhance your look with other classic beauty movements, such as using colored eyeliner, basic experimenting and tanning, or even applying false eyelashes for special events. Mascara and lip gloss are two basic beauty elements that work for any woman, but the more you are interested in makeup, the more you can enjoy the wide and wonderful world of cosmetics and beauty products.


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