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Wherever you go you see pictures of models in magazines, movies and commercials that look beautiful and that we want to look like, however you must be aware of some facts, you have your own beauty, you do not have to look like them too most magazine photos are already modified with special software to make it a lot better and that is.

However, we all want to be beautiful and improve our appearance as much as possible. Our face is one of the most important parts of our body because it is always exposed to the environment and is the first impression we give to others.

So, how do you take care of your face:

You must have a daily skin care regimen, you must clean, tone and moisturize your skin in the morning and evening. It helps to use a day cream and a night cream that moisturizes your skin.

Here are some beauty secrets:

Cream for the eyes

A little cream around the eyes can soothe fine lines and wrinkles. Use a good cleanser every day.

Preventing Fine Lines

You must avoid over-exposure to the sun, UV rays from the sun will damage your skin, cause dryness and wrinkles. Use sunscreen if you are going to stay in the sun.

Avoid smoking, smoke causes millions of free radicals and therefore the skin is damaged.

Do not drink too much alcohol, it is watering your skin and gives you tonicity against wrinkles.

Use an anti-aging cream with powerful antioxidants and a cream that can reduce wrinkles by producing more collagen in your skin.

Avoid stress and sleep well, if you do not sleep well your eye will become swollen and red, the skin will appear lifeless and dull.

If you want to buy an anti-aging cream to help protect your skin during the day and night, it's important to choose a natural cream that has been clinically proven to reduce the effects of aging without causing side effects .

Some of the best natural creams are made in New Zealand with the best organic ingredients in the world, including CynergyTk, Coenzyme Q10 and Wakame Kelp. These are the necessary compounds to protect your skin and improve collagen.


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