Beauty Tips – How To Sparkle At Any Party


If you want to look great at a party and stand out from the crowd, learn these quick beauty secrets and you'll be the beautiful of the ball.

This year, metal is as a theme and this allows a spectacular look.

Metallic and smoky eyes have been a great theme on catwalks and other dramatic colors such as red and plum and electric blue are also big this year.

If you opt for a standout color or want to be more conservative, the beauty tips below will help you get noticed.


1. A big beauty secret is some false eyelashes. You can use other short and medium eyelashes to get a sweet and innocent look, or you can look more feline and vampire using shorter eyelashes in the center and shorter lashes on the side.

2. Eyes are one of your most important assets, make it the center of attention.

3. The lips should be sexy! If you have pale skin, you can use a blackish red lipstick, which will give you a gothic look or some other exceptional color like purple.

4. For chic eye makeup, go for a silver look with eye makeup. It gives an effervescent look and is the ultimate in sophistication.


Your nails, if they are well made, will always be noticed, so what are the best colors for a party?

1. A French manicure is always chic and a safe choice, but if you want to have a little more boring and metallic crimson reds are a great option.

2. Try and match your lips to your nails. You communicate with both of them and this will make the body superior and make you chic and sexy.


For a quick look, try the following – A long bob with a straight cut, which is a classic elegant look. This is extremely easy to do and the separation can be on the side or center.

You can also put one side behind your ear to get glittering earrings.


1. Prepare your face a day or two before.

The reason is that if you have a facial the day the impurities tend to rise to the surface and you do not want to do it at night! Do it 48 hours before to make sure your skin is at its best and simply exfoliate the day.

2. Powdered skin always gives a uniform appearance so use a concealer rather than foundations that can make your face look tired and like a mask.


Relax in essential oils and let them moisturize and tone your skin during the day. Exfoliate the day before (not during the day) to avoid possible irritation in the short term. Make sure to moisturize everything else after.


Use scents with strong scents such as amber or musk because they will give a pleasant scent in any party atmosphere.

Just some beauty secrets that are quick and easy to make and, of course, there are plenty of others – that will help you give the best of yourself during your big night out.


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