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The nails attract the attention of designers and trendsetters throughout the year. High-end brands come with several launches each season, just to make sure we have all the colors and patterns we want at all times. With all the nail and nail colors available on the market, which ones should we adopt this summer?

Summer is the time when you choose the colors that you will avoid from the rest of the year. Unexpected, bright, trendy, neon … are so many adjectives of the colors of your time at the pool and at festivals and vacations. Opt for less predictable colors take some hot pink, navy, turquoise, orange, metallic …

So, what are the latest trends in nail color? What are the new arts of the summer nail? What about the shapes and lengths of nails? Here are some tips and beauty ideas.

Minty Fresh

Light green accompanies the daring blue to emphasize the summer days at the beach and the fresh and light cocktails. Do not forget the marine green, or what's also known as the blue-green that looks beautiful on natural nails.

Blushed Shades

Nail polish colors ranging from pale pink to sweet purple all be useful this season.

Polish Lovers

Classic red, cherry red, red mother-of-pearl … never go out of style! Reds are staples of solid color, regardless of the season. So, if you are addicted to red, choose cranberry red this summer.

Melon with earthly sensation

Since last year, oranges and nudes still take over ] world! Pick a peach touch for a 70s feel.

Navy Blues

The dark navy blue nail color strikes the market, and comes with a lot of glitter.

The new polis are perfect for both toenails and toes, and also look great with different holding styles such as classics and fashionable jewelry.

Best Nail Shapes for this Season

This season, the nail shapes do not have to be really big and sharp to be adorable. The short and square nails are practical, especially with dark hues such as dark navy. Trimmings and natural shaped nails are also in fashion this summer. They are better for nude and beige colors. Rounded nails take a lot of attention this year because they are a success of the past, and they are better with gray nail polish. Long, almond-shaped nails are not needed this summer, but they are required with red nail polish.

Share the shapes, colors or nail patterns that you rely on most in the summer.


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