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The weather in our area has never been easy to manage, especially with all the changes. These changes normally affect our skin and leave in the face of drought. It can sometimes feel itchy and scaly. So why not adopt easy beauty tips and ideas at home to keep it hydrated?

You must start by changing your beauty routine. Use the right soap: choose unscented, lightly foamy soap and guarantee incredibly hydrated skin. Do not dry with a towel: you will want to wash your face several times during the day in the summer, but do not dry it with a towel, let it dry alone and let your skin absorb all the moisture it needs . Moisturize it regularly: do not skip the moisturizing face on a regular basis. The morning moisturizer for the skin is a must during this process. Eat healthy: have a healthy and balanced diet, and leave all the fresh food needed! Have weekly masks to treat your skin easily and quickly, here are some masks for the skin that you can easily start doing:

– Avocado and Honey

The avocado makes an excellent anti-drought mask because it contains a lot of oils will take the place of those that the cold has taken from your precious pores! To make this mask, just mash a half avocado – make sure it's ripe – and incorporate a quarter cup of honey. Then apply the mixture for 10 minutes

– Coffee and Milk

Mix 2 tablespoons ground coffee beans and 2 tablespoons cocoa. Then add 3 tablespoons of milk and a tablespoon of honey, and mix everything. Spread the mixture over your face for about 30 minutes and then rinse it off.

– Cucumber and sour cream

Crush a few cucumbers to get 4 tablespoons and mix with 2 tablespoons of sour cream. Leave the mask on your face for 20 minutes

– Butter Mask

Butter has a lot of fat, which is why it makes a good ingredient for a dry skin mask. To make this mask, you will also need honey! Stir in a tablespoon of butter with a tablespoon of honey until you get a creamy mixture, and add just a quarter of a teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply the mask for about 25 minutes

– Red Sugar

It's the easiest to make and the least messy. Just crush a tablespoon of brown sugar with a teaspoon of olive oil to create a smooth dough. Apply it circularly to your face, then rinse and dry your skin.

These beauty tips and ideas guarantee you the perfect skin you've always wanted.


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