Beauty Tips Or the Holidays


Great makeup tips for the holiday season. It is always wise to use products without perfume and alcohol to prevent excessive drying of the skin. Always use a mild cleansing cream rather than soap.

Always keep a lipstick or lipstick handy to protect your lips.

Eyebrow pencils and eyeliners can really bring out your eyes and eyebrows.

Never share your makeup or skin care products with other people, as this may result in sharing of diseases or infections. Mascara is one that can be a source of potential infection.

Always apply lotion to damp skin and rehydrate if possible with sprays.

Never rub too hard with a sponge or washcloth.

As for orange, red, neutral or pink lipstick colors are big brown choices is never a good idea of ​​the fact that it adds age to your face instantly.

When your skin becomes dry, choose products that keep your face moist. Tinted lotions always a good choice instead of the foundation. It will give you a fresh and bright look. For your cheeks, a cream blush is ideal to avoid showing wrinkles. For your lips, lip gloss can add volume as we age our lips tend to shrink, no matter what kind of shine gives them volume and makes them much fuller.

Always carefully choose colors for optimistic bright colors such as pastels, neutrals or nectars. Again stay away from Brown for obvious reasons. If your hair is gray, never use blue based arrays, this will give the impression that you are wearing a very old blue shadow.

Never make drastic changes in your makeup day by day if you feel comfortable for the natural look. Remember that your eyes always deserve special attention. A lot of eye shadow but stays with soft, muted colors. Look for darker colors in the crease of your eyelid and for your eyeliner to bring a definition to your eyes and make sure you use mascara on your lower and upper lashes.

Now let's talk about bags under the eyes Everyone knows that these are unsightly and unattractive. Use a slightly lighter foundation shade to cover your dark circles under your eyes. If your shoulders are full of contour slightly and still do not forget this lipgloss.

Finally, when experimenting with eye shadow and foundation is always a good idea to consult a professional in one of the many department stores that offer a full range of makeup products. Often, women who work in beauty departments are very adept at applying makeup and can offer great tips. They have color palettes assorted and even a special computer imaging software that can give you the look and the perfect tone you desire.


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