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Nothing is more alarming than reading an article or receiving an email claiming that some brand of shampoo, lipstick or deodorant causes cancer. What is the worst if the brand mentioned is the one you use! Now, it's something to worry about.

In 2003, news about lipstick containing dangerous amounts of lead surfaced on the market, wreaking havoc on women and the cosmetics industry. But the hubbub was immediately rejected by the American Cancer Society claiming that the lipsticks produced these days are safe. The color additives that are used there are no longer coal tars, but now come from oil. To date, the FDA has not determined the levels of lead in lipsticks to be a threat to health. It is safe to say that the application of lipstick is not dangerous.

In a similar situation, mascaras have faced public scrutiny sometime in this decade for the possible threat of infections carried in mascara tubes. For starters, most infections of the eye do not come primarily from mascara. Many people treated with a corneal ulcer are caused by infected wounds from poking the eye while trying to apply mascara in a moving vehicle. Many women would immediately dismiss the fact that the infection was actually caused by their own vanity. Admittedly, the dangers caused by mascaras exist, but they can be easily avoided. Whether you're buying a brand mascara or a mascara in a wholesale makeup store, keep your mascara in a cool place and make sure to remove it before bedtime so that the bacteria that cause the infection do not get stuck in your eyelashes.

In the 1960s, scientists discovered that nerve cell lesions in rabbits were related to aluminum. Many of us probably do not know that aluminum is an ingredient of antiperspirants. There was similar speculation that because anti-perspirants block the sweat glands from forcing toxins, they could cause cancer. However, medical experts argue that such claims are unfounded. People mainly sweat to control body temperature and not excrete toxins from the body. Carcinogens are mainly excreted via the urine, stool and liver. So, there is really no truth for antiperspirants that cause breast cancer.

The point is: there is nothing wrong with vanity. There is nothing wrong with buying wholesale cosmetics online or anywhere you want it. It is normal for people, especially women, to want beauty. But it is important to be careful with the things you apply in your body. After all, our body is our temple. It's just that we respect it.


Source by Christine R Brown

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