Benefits of repair services of the main water valve


Normally, on-site valve rehabilitation and repair services are performed on-site without closing the pipeline. Water service technicians have received professional training and have the tools, expertise and knowledge to ensure complete maintenance of water distribution valves of all sizes and types. . In addition, experienced technicians are able to identify problems before they threaten the safety and reliability of the water system.

When a utility company hires a water services company, it does not shut down the pipeline, thereby eliminating the costs associated with dewatering and service interruptions. Experienced professionals from a quality water service company will have the skills to perform the rehabilitation and repair of the water valves. Using a cost-effective and proven method, utility companies will benefit from maximizing asset life at a cost well below full replacement cost. For example, main valve rehabilitation costs typically account for only 10 to 20% of the cost of new replacement equipment, and despite this, the life of a rehabilitated valve can often match the expected life with a new valve. [19659002] Since the operability of large valves is essential for controlling and managing water distribution systems, these large valves are very expensive to replace. When replacing large valves, costs include excavation and removal of the old valve. When inserting the new valve, it may be an interruption of service and traffic congestion. When you hire a water service company, you will have professional technicians who will perform the repairs and rehabilitation "on site". The result is a significantly lower or deferred cost.

When you are looking for a professional water services company, it is important that they offer services such as the exercise of the main valve, the lifting of the valves, the joints of Sealing, the customized and custom sizes to meet the needs of the valve, pinion shaft replacements, stock sizes and custom parts, gear pinion replacements, standard and custom sizes , gear replacements and customized dimensions. In addition, a quality water service must offer other important services, including the replacement of bolts and nuts, the repair and replacement of worn or broken components, the replacement of pins for butterfly valves, custom tooling or irregularly shaped nuts, replacing operators, stopping adjustment, setting time delay for automatic shutdowns (both electrical and manual), attaching valves to brackets, replacing strapping and adding blocking . These water services are essential to the quality of repair services of the main valves.

A leaking water valve can cause panic. However, you will have peace when you have hired a quality company knowing that the repair will be carried out effectively and that it will be advantageous not to close the pipeline, thus eliminating the costs associated with drying out and service interruptions. . Find out what a quality water services company can do for your public service or your local government.


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