Benefits of the East facing house plans


Are you planning to build a house? Although there are many home plans that you can go with, not all are ideal for you.

The advantages of a home-oriented house plan There are a number of Benefits Which come with an oriented east plan. Some of the benefits include:

Sunlight : since the sun rises from the east, this means that your home will receive a lot of sunshine during the morning. This will reduce your energy bills that you do not have to leave the lights on if you wake up early. : researchers have shown that the morning sun is always the best.

Tips to consider when designing a home plan East face

You need JavaScript enabled to view it To be able to design a house Perfect oriental, you must put a number of councils in consideration:

Much space on it : As an architect, you have to leave Sufficient space in the east.

Wall east and east : to leave a lot of sun in the building, you need to make sure that you do not cover the house with the wall compound. This requires you to build a wall that is much shorter than the house.

Have a veranda : when designing the house you must make sure that the house has a veranda on the side where the owners of the house can # 39 sit and enjoy the morning sun in good health. You can design a sloping veranda; : To avoid blocking positive energy, you need to make sure that the space on the side is clean and free of clutter. This requires you to remove all the piles of earth, stone or rubbish that could be there. You must also make sure that the house does not have high ground.

If a road is in front of the house, you should make sure that it is lower than the plot.


These are the advantages of a home plan of the face. If you are interested in an east-oriented house, make sure the plan is designed by a professional architect.


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