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1. Ok, so this first may sound weird, but believe me! The best primer you can get at the pharmacy is actually the shave balm of a man. Nivea Men's Sensitive Post Shave Balm is the best primer I've ever used. Nikkie de Jager, a Dutch makeup guru from YouTube, is known to have discovered this hack. Apply the balm as you would with any other primer and let it sit for about 20 seconds until it is tacky on the skin. Apply your foundation on top and make it last all day! The best part is, you can get this product for less than $ 5.00 at the target.

2. I believe that L'Oréal has the best foundations at the pharmacy. For someone who has dry skin or someone who just wants a dewy finish, the TRUE MATCH ™ Lumi healthy luminous makeup is amazing. If your skin is fatter or you like a matte finish, you'll love the INFALLIBLE® Pro-Matte base. The best assets of these are their prices! Both are under $ 13.00 and can be found at Walgreens, Target or Walmart.

3. For the corrector, Maybelline's FIT ME® CONCEALER is a winner. This is a dupe for YVES SAINT LAURENT TOUCH RADIANT Radiant Perfecting Pen which costs a whopping $ 42.00 compared to Maybelline's concealer at a price of $ 6.49

4. To get around and highlight, Nyx has some products that are perfect and have two goals. If you prefer a cream application, take the NYX WONDER STICK. For powder, you can not go wrong with their PALETTE HIGHLIGHT & CONTOUR PRO. Both are affordable at $ 25.00 for the palette and $ 12.00 for the stick.

5. To get a blazing highlight, head over to Colourpop and pick up one of their Super Shock Highlighters. At the moment, Colourpop is only available online, but their products are super affordable and worth it. This highlight is only $ 8.00!

6. One of Sephora's bestsellers for blush is the NARS blush in Orgasm and for good reason it's beautiful! However, it is priced at $ 30.00. If you are looking for the same shimmery pink hue as the head of Walgreens or CVS instead. Milani Cosmetics makes a beautiful dupe called Luminoso. It applies perfectly and is only $ 8.00!

7. For eyeshadow, I suggest investing in a versatile palette that will last a long time. Morphe has a lot of 35 shadow palettes. All pallets are priced at $ 23.00. It's just a little more than a dollar per shadow! The infamous Urban Decay Naked pallets cost $ 54 per pallet, which equals $ 4.50 per shade. Morphe pallets are of high quality and have an easy mixing.

8. Next is the cheapest item on this entire list. Jordana Easyliner for retractable pencil Lips are great liners. They are durable and come in 8 different colors. They only cost $ 2.49 a piece! Also, on right now, they buy one get a 50% off! You can own the entire line for $ 15.00, less than an Everlasting KAT VON D

9 pencil. Another product that Colourpop makes amazing and affordable is their Ultra Matte Lips. They are durable and comfortable on the lips.

10. Having a good set of makeup brushes is more important than is generally perceived. If the brush is not good that the product, good or not, will apply badly. I have 2 options for affordable brushes. The first ones are the Real Techniques kits. They have different face and eye kits as well as their own beauty sponges. Prices range from $ 5.99 to $ 19.99. The second option is probably my favorite. Morphe Cosmetics collaborated with Liveglam and created their own subscription box. For only $ 20.00 per month, you will get 3-8 brushes, worth at least $ 30.00. This is an easy way to build your collection.


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