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We had to find the "best" baby activity sweatshirts for our baby. That's the kind of parents we are. Karen is our fourth child but every child is like the first for us. When you start seeing your newborns as "one more in the pack", it's time to stop having kids. We are always trying to mix our "new baby enthusiasm" with the experience we have experienced with every child.

With three young boys, the jumper was a necessity for us. It would be a place where Karen would like to explore and play, while being safe from her brothers. Riders who hang from door frames were not an option. They have a high rate of accidents bumping into the door (certainly if your older brothers think it's fun to swing the baby back and forth.)

Our old jumper was not going to do it for Karen. We were able to compare the features of our old model with all the new models and we basically looked for 3 things:

  • Age of the child – We wanted to start as soon as Karen was able to hold her neck, and d & # 39; 39 Get Some Good Month Use
  • Stimulation – A jumper is not a place where he can "plop" your child. The jumper must provide "intellectual" stimulation, as well as promote physical development
  • Safety – The most important thing. We checked all the reports

We checked out all the best pullovers and found that the Jumperoo Fisher-Price Rainforest was the best choice

  • Age – Karen was ready at 3 months a a small, comfortable seat that would hold her back while being able to hold her when she was older too. The FP seat supports the bottom of the baby. It has 3 levels of height for growth
  • Stimulation – 360 degree turn – why not see everything that is happening in the room? – Skip activates music and lights. Many toys to play with. Birds above the head – all is not focused on the table
  • Safety – That's Fisher-Price, Should I say more?
  • Compact (a bonus) – There are three other kids running – a little baby can not take more than his share of space

Karen has been in the jumperoo for 7 months already. Every day is a new experience for her. She likes it. We like to watch her jump, reach and scream with pleasure. We checked all the best baby sweatshirts and we are sure we have found the best.

Her brothers would also like to ride, but that is Karen.


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