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The German Christmas market is one of the little reminders of life to slow down and smell the roses – in this case, the spice bread . In all cities of all sizes – even in most villages in Germany, Christmas markets are a local tradition, and many of them, like the Nuremberg market, date back to the Middle Ages.

European Christmas Markets (or Fairs ) are popular, but the markets are the best in Germany, the country that would have invented Christmas . Are you planning a European getaway? Of all the tours in Germany you are likely to take, a tour of the Christmas market will stay with you the longest. The view of a town square bathed in a soft light with artisans and merchants selling unique Christmas decorations, toys, candles, German Christmas decorations and other treasures puts you quickly to magic. It melts stress and releases endorphins.

If you are lucky, you will hear a group of minstrels go around. You will catch the unforgivable aroma of roasted chestnuts, or nostrils on a Bratwurst (sausage) or a piece of Lebkuchen (spice bread). And a cup of mulled wine or a glass of local beer will never be so good.

At Christmas, the German markets offer a feat for all the senses. And one of the most amazing things about them: These are places where you can still experience the joy of Christmas in its purest and purest form. German markets have generally withstood the forces of homogenization and marketing, and most markets have retained deep local roots. The traditions are still strong and the small craftsmen, the craftsmen and the tradesmen are always very present. If you need Christmas gift ideas and want to make serious Christmas shopping, there is no better place to go.

Best German Christmas Markets – Best Choices for German Christmas Connoisseurs

The Christmas Markets and Germany go hand in hand. And Christmas in Germany would be unthinkable without them. The best tours of Germany in December will make sure to include at least one market on the route. There is no holiday market bad in Germany. But some are better than others. Many people automatically think of Munich's Christmas markets, but if you are interested in variety, have a look at the others:

Dresden Christmas Fair (locally known as ] Striezelmarkt )

Dating back to the 1400s, it is one of the best German salons. It has a wide range of decorations, folk art and traditional toys from the nearby region of Erzgebirge. One of the highlights: the Dresden bakers set up a local festival Stollen to celebrate the legendary Stollen Christmas cake. From 25 November to 24 December 2010.

Dresden Middle-Age Christmas Market

Not to be outdone, Dresden is also home to a magnificent, historic-themed market held every year in the castle's castles. It's at its best start at dusk and going in the evening. Dresdner Schloss (Castle Court), 24 November – 22 December 2010.

Nurnberg Christkindlmarkt

A pure delight, it can be the most classic Christmas fair. The stands include toys, straw figures, candles and an incredible variety of German Christmas decorations. Nurnberg Bratwurst is a year – round specialty, but it never tastes better than when you walk around the market at night. From 26 November to 24 December 2010.

Bamberg Christmas Market

While the Nuremberg market is imposing and impressive, the nearby Bamberg Christmas Fair offers a more intimate and intimate experience. Dozens of stalls offer candles, ornaments, folk art and German decorations for Christmas trees. As for Christmas, Bamberg is an absolute jewel. The market takes place on the main square, Maximilianplatz, from 27 November to 23 December 2010 . Do not miss the small medieval Christmas market in Bamberg at Geyersworth Castle, from 4 to 12 December 2010.

Lauscha Kugel Festival

In this small town nestled in the hills of the state of Thuringia, Lauscha local craftsmen invented a blown glass Christmas ornament ( Kugel ), as we know it. It was more than 100 years ago. Today, the city organizes an annual festival Kugel Kugelmarkt where family workshops and small factories in the region exhibit their fascinating glass Christmas decorations. The market is held for two weeks: 27th to 28th November and 4th to 5th December 2010.

Kulmbach Christmas Market

Most of the tours in Germany overlook such charming places as Kulmach – unjustifiably . This northern Bavarian city presents itself as one of the best traditional brewing centers of Germany, so a visit to the Christmas fair can be associated with a fun beer tasting. Try the Kulmbach Spice Bread Beer ( Lebkuchenbier ), The Strong Winter Eisbock or the Special Christmas Drink ( Weihnachtsbier ) . Weekends. On December 3, 5 and 12 and 17 and 19, 2010, the Moenchshof Courtyard will also host a market sponsored by the Bavarian Brewery and Bakery Museum.

How to plan your visit to the German Christmas market

When it comes to Christmas, the German markets can not be beaten. But what is the best way to travel at this time of year? Of course, you can visit the fairs yourself. But if you want to save yourself the hassle of a rental car and drive on the highway, or if you're not sure about rigging your luggage and taking care of the trains, a tour of Christmas or a trip to Germany is definitely worth it.

A Christmas trip accompanied to Germany can make the experience more valuable. Even if you are an independent traveler and you are not used to group travel, a short Christmas tour will help you see the best Christmas shows with minimal stress. A good Christmas tour will not only show you the markets, but will also include things you might miss if you travel alone like Christmas concerts, small Christmas shows, a chance to meet artisans and visit small workshops. Whatever Christmas visit you choose, make sure the group is small and that it is led by experts. In this way, you will have an insider experience, with more diversity and depth than you are likely to find on a grand tour

Tom Conrad owns and operates Heart of Europe Tours, LLC, and will lead this Enchanted Christmas Markets tour of the year in Germany will take place from 1-9 December 2010. Heart of Europe also offers other guided tours in Germany.


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