Best Way to Apply Perfume Oils


People who have started using scented oils understand perfectly that scented oils are the best way to feel the pleasant smell while saving a lot of money. But understanding how to apply oils for the best results can be a mission in itself because perfume oils do not come in a spray bottle, they normally come in tiny bottles with a rolling ball. I have therefore thought that I would mention a few ways to apply my perfume oils, and believe me, I get a lot of compliments.

The best way to apply a perfume oil is to deploy a generous amount of perfume in one go. palm, rub both hands together so that the perfume oil has completely covered both palms and now wipe your palms against your clothes and your neck. Two main parts to cover are the shoulders and the chest. I tend to apply 5-6 times which gives me really good duration. It also helps keep my hands smelling, which really makes a good impression when I shake hands with people. One thing to keep in mind when applying perfume oil through this method is to not stain your clothes and make sure that you have rubbed your hands well .

Another way to apply the perfume oil is to follow method and apply on your body rather than on your clothes.

You can also unfold the scent on pulse points like the neck and wrist.

One thing you need to avoid is to roll the oil directly onto the clothes or apply them without rubbing your hands properly as it will stain clothes. This may seem obvious to many but people complain that the perfume oil has stained their clothes, well, it'll do if it's not applied properly. It is an oil, there is no alcohol for it to evaporate.


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