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There are more than a few home design software available on the market today. Although the majority of these programs are capable of offering excellent features, some simply do not provide value for money. While home design applications retail for less than $ 50, there are some that are priced very high, sometimes even in the $ 500 region. It becomes a question of needs rather than desires. In order for a user to ensure that he buys software that will be worth his money, he will first have to identify what he wants from the program.

Painting the Image

Now at only $ 49 (formerly $ 69), Better Home and Landscape Picture Painter Home & Landscape is definitely one of the best interior design software . This program takes a unique approach in designing the home in that it uses a real image as the basis of each project – that's the name, Picture Painter. What this type of software does is that it takes a real picture of the existing home (which is either scanned or downloaded by the user to the computer) and integrates it into the program to allow users to tinker with its design. Instead of starting from scratch, Picture Painter allows users to literally repaint their home to see how it looks in different colors. And of course, there are many more features on board that will allow users to play with their home. drawings in their quest to find the perfect appearance for their future dream home.

Never Wonder Again

One of the reasons that many people have their scruples about redesigning their homes is the fear that it does not look good once the remodeling phase is over. With the help of Picture Painter, users will no longer have to wonder and speculate as this program will show them exactly what their new home will look like once the changes have taken place. In addition to changing the color of the house, users can also change the textures of their exteriors. In addition, landscaping changes can also be visually represented on Picture Painter in order to ensure that users get exactly what they want. In this way, a lot of time, money and effort are spared.

Also Ideal for Interiors

While Picture Painter focuses on how the outdoors of a home will look like, it also offers a wide range of features for all the changes that the house has to offer. we could wish to do inside the house. For starters, users can choose from over 6,000 designer furniture and accessories and take them literally to the room of their choice. Among these well-known brands are Huntwood, Kraftmaid, Armstrong, Mohawk, LG Electronice, Whirlpool, DuPont Corian, Sherwin-Williams and many more.

What's even better is that the whole process is quite simple and very user-friendly – it's like editing an image. In fact, the manufacturer even promises that no design experience is needed to excel in this wonderfully designed program.

Especially when the affordable price is included in the equation, Picture Painter definitely proves to be one of the best value home design programs on the market today.


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