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There are many dissimilarities between people of different cultures. One of the main differences between almost every culture is the way each culture perceives the body image. Even in the United States, our concept of body image is constantly evolving. It's almost always a good idea to think and look at other cultures to see if any improvements or adjustments need to be made to our culture. When we look at three very different cultures like Brazil, the United States and the Middle East countries, we will see that there are three unique perspectives on body image in each culture. For example, in the United States, breast augmentation and tummy tuck procedures are on the rise, which usually means that Americans feel the need to constantly improve their appearance. That says a lot about the concept of body image in America. The following paragraphs examine how Brazil, the United States and the Middle East all perceive the body image.

In Brazil, women and men are encouraged by society to be very concerned about their image. Plastic surgery is very common in this country because the Brazilians are constantly trying to get better. What's interesting, is that unlike the United States, there is not as much pressure to be very thin. Women and men of all shapes and sizes are encouraged by society to wear what they want.

In the United States, there is more than ever a strong pressure from society for girls to be very thin. In addition, men are supposed to be muscular enough to display this macho image of the typical American male. Many commercials across the country, movies and TV shows all feature fine models and thin actresses. It is important that American girls have more confidence in themselves and their appearance. If young people in this country are not trained to trust their bodies, this can cause problems later in life in terms of dangerous eating habits or low self-esteem.

The Middle East is very different from the United States and Brazil in that they do not want women to show their bodies. In Islam, women are supposed to cover their bodies so that men are not as tempted. Because women in this country are almost always covered with long, conservative outfits, there is very little pressure for women to use a lot of makeup or to undergo plastic surgery, in fact, plastic surgery is frowned upon here.

It can be very insightful to look at other cultures to see how they perceive the body image, since each nation can be very different from one nation to another. It is important for men and women to feel good about themselves, regardless of their size or shape. Every society should be aware that building a culture based on outward appearance can mean later problems in terms of poor health and self esteem. It is important to turn to other cultures to improve your culture and other culture in the future.


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