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Sometimes you just need to know what this man feels for you. You can not just go over there and ask him because he's answering "No"? It would be embarrassing for both of you. You need a way to know if he attracted you before talking to him. So what are you doing? You learn to read the body language of men when they are attracted

There are clear signs that a man will show when he is attracted to a woman. By reading these signs of the body language of attraction, you can find out what he feels for you by watching him.

The next time you'll need to know if a guy is attracting you, just look at the following: body language list. The more the man shows these signs, the more he feels positively about you. If he shows three or more of these body language gestures, you can be sure that he likes you.

Does he love me? Signs of Body Language Attraction

Sign 1: His Feet: We unconsciously steer our feet toward things we love. So, if you talk to a guy and he's pointing his feet away from you and toward the door, you know he wants to get away from you. If, however, he points his feet directly to you, then it's a good bet that he is attracted to you.

Sign 2: His navel: the navel follows the same rule as the feet: we direct it towards things that we like. This is a very powerful signal. The navel is like a magnet. What points his navel will tell you what he wants. If that's your name, he wants you. Simple.

Sign 3: Hugs: You can tell a lot about how a guy hugs you. There is a simple rule to determine if he is attracted to you: observe how much of his body he puts in contact with yours when you hug him. If he surrounds you with only one arm and maybe pats you in the back, he sees you as a friend. If, however, he snuggles against him, then he is attracted to you.

Sign 4: Students: This gesture is very simple. When we look at something we do not like, the pupils of our eyes will contract. When we look at something we love, our students will expand. So he seems to have great students when he looks at you, he likes you.

Sign 5: Look: For the most part, when we like to look at someone, we will look at it longer. It's pretty easy to understand. If you like doing something, keep doing it. If, however, a guy is shy, he can actually look away from you because he is nervous, so keep that in mind.

These signs of body language are important clues to a guy's feelings. If he likes you, he will show three or more of these gestures, so watch them for you to know if he is attracted to you.


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