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Using female body language to attract men is something you should learn and apply. It's hard to believe that so many women do not know that they can use their body language to attract men without using a single word.

Body language is so powerful that you can actually control the behavior of a man. For example, you can use it to attract men, but also you can use it to show men to get lost without saying it

How can you use your body language to attract men? There are many ways to use it to attract a man. But the 3 most useful are:

Eye Contact

Your eyes are important and powerful parts of your body when it comes to attracting men. Depending on how you use them, you can show clear signals to a man. For example, you could use your eyes to show a guy that you like him, and whenever you prefer to have some clarity, you can use it to say that he is attractive [19659002] How do you do this: Whenever you re at a party, restaurant, or such places and you see the guy you love, try to make eye contact with him. Draws his attention as he looks around and looks straight into the eyes with a smile. Keep in touch with your eyes a little longer than usual, but do not look! This is the body language at its best.

Use Your Lips

If you are body language, use your lips. This can be mesmerizing. If you both have eye contact, show him a soft, sweet smile. Chances are he'll smile at you. A different way that you can use body language is by focusing your attention on your lips.

You can lick your lips or eat something slowly. He will continue to watch your mouth. You may not know it, but you've just used your body language in an effective and subtle way to attract this guy. I assure you that he will be in a hurry to come and talk to you.

Playing with your hair

If you are still interested in this guy, then go to the next step, which is to play with your hair. Throw it around, kick and maybe comb it. The intention is to move it away from your face and your shoulders to show this guy your bare skin.

Maybe you do not even know it, but you often use your body language to attract men! You are born with that. Some of the most successful women in the world often have a long line of men who are attracted to them, and you know what? They are often not the most beautiful women. They only know the little touches that they give to their bodies so that men can fight them. They know the secret of using their female body language, and so they use it.


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