Body Language to Attract Women


When approaching a woman, there are certain things that attract her, including: vocal tone, body language, and facial expressions.

For this article, I will give you some examples of good body language when it comes to approaching women, so you will be more likely to get her number. (Because we all know that the best way not to attract women is bad postures and bad body language)

Nonverbal Communications That Attract …

1. Do not leave in AKA "peck".

In the jargon of the artist, we call it "pecking". Essentially, when you talk to him, you do not want to lend very close to his face, because that would bother him. You want to stay upright and lend yourself at the beginning of the conversation when you get to know her.

Why? Because leaving will make you desperate and needy, and women can feel it right away. Of course, you can do it on an unconscious level, so be sure to correct yourself.

Have you ever watched a movie where a clueless continues to hold the woman and that she feels uncomfortable, but the guy is clueless and keeps pecking and talking to him? Now you know …

2. Nervous Posture

By that I mean to have an intuition. Or put your knees tight and shake your hands. I see this all the time as a pickup instructor. You want to relax as much as possible. Imagine that you are in your house and talking to this woman because you have known her for a long time. Why? Because a confident man should not be nervous when he talks to a woman.


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