Book Review of "The Christmas Sweater"


In Glenn Beck's "The Christmas Sweater" we are reminded that the material objects we want can not replace the relationship with loved ones. When loved ones leave this land or our life, these material objects no longer have the same fascination that they would have had if we had had someone to share with them.

Beck creatively based the events of his young life in a fictional work. At the end of the book, he explained why he did it in order to make history come together. In history, his father was dead when he was young. In real life, he had a relationship with his father later in his adult life.

The story tells of a twelve-year-old boy named Eddie who loses his father a few years ago and then loses his mother. He had wished for a bicycle for Christmas, but instead, receives a knit sweater from his mother that he was sulking to receive. His mother dies in a car accident that night and he goes to live with his grandparents. He makes a close friend with a boy named Taylor at school whom he thinks he did because his family is financially better off. It turns out that Taylor thinks Eddie has it better because his grandparents have time for him.

The most interesting concept was the character he created named Russell. In the story, Russell seems to be a kind of guardian angel with whom he has conversations. The Russell character sometimes appears to him when he passes a farm field nearby. When he tells his grandparents about Russell, they say that no one has lived there for years. Russell's character was compiled from all those who, in Mr. Beck's life, had guided him with words of wisdom over the years.

As an aspiring writer, it is the kind of work that inspires people, places and events of life to which we can all relate.


Source by Laura M Schroeder

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