Book Review – The Christmas Sweater by Glen Beck


Christmas time is the perfect time to read an inspiring book or watch a classic romantic holiday. A recent book published in 2008 is by Glen Beck. The book is titled, "The Christmas Sweater". During this time of year, many people try to buy the perfect gift for their loved ones. At the same time, they "wait" for this perfect gift from their loved ones. This seems to be the reason for the season. From time to time we must remember not only the real reason for the season, but also appreciate the people around us. These people include our parents, our grandparents, our neighbors and our friends. This is what reminds us of the book "The Christmas Sweater".

Like other authors such as Og Mandino ("The Greatest Seller in the World") and Andy Andrews ("The Noticer"), Glen Beck incorporates experiences of his own personal life into his stories.

Like any child, Eddie (or Glen) wanted a bicycle as a Christmas present, but as most kids have experienced it (or should experience it), they do not do it. Instead, he received a Christmas sweater from his mother, Eddie's father died earlier of a cancer, Eddie had no brothers and sisters, but he had a mischievous grandfather and a loving grandmother. a story of a young teenager's transition to adulthood who begins to doubt God when he constantly experiences tragedies in life, including the death of a father, the scarcity of money, etc.

One day he spends his night with his grandparents. at the reception ving his mother's Christmas sweater. He wanted the bike that his mother knew he had wanted for several weeks. Then, his life takes a turn and a turn. As they "drove" to their grandparents' house, they had a "car accident" that "killed" his mother. Now he had to grow up with his grandparents who were having trouble caring for a 13-year-old boy who was mentally 21 years old. Eddie meets new friends such as the Taylors and a mysterious man named Russell.

It's history to enjoy the little things in life that are really the big things that really matter in life. This Christmas sweater is something that was a big thing in life as the story develops.


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